Thursday, September 5, 2013

LONG break..

I'm going to try and sort of update the happenings in our household.

I have no excuses for my long absence here. I am still reading the usual blogs, but I think after a certain amount of time had passed, I didn't really know where to start so I kept putting it off. So much has happened but so much as stayed the same, and that is good. I started feeling super narcissistic like here is my blog where I talk about my lovely kids and my lovely life, blah blah, and I had a hard time struggling with writing about my life without coming across that way even though I like to read about other peoples lives and their blogs. I would get really unsure about myself and would worry about coming across stupid or lame, or not having perfect grammar, and then I'd feel all anxious about it. Breathe. Anyway..

I have to start somewhere so here goes nothing..


Carter is turning F-O-U-R this month! He is so incredibly wise, smart, and sometimes I look at him and wonder how the heck this awesome little man from came us, but he did. Also, the terrible threes are totally real and they suck, but things have turned around in the last few months so that's good.

He started PRE-K this week which seems crazy, and he is so proud to be in the "big kid" class which is kind of adorable because they are all obviously so not "big kids" yet.

Olivia had her 1st birthday party in June (rainbow inspired for my rainbow baby) and I'm sure I will do a blog post soon about that party. It was a really special day for both of us. But I don't want to have to plan a birthday party ever again, until you know, Carter's 4th this month, ah.

She is a walking, talking, sassy little woman and that scares me. Do I really have two rambunctious, smart mouthed, sassy children? Yes, yes I do. Couldn't I get one really easy, mellow kid? I guess Olivia is mellow in some ways, but she is so feisty it blows me away. Someone told me that it's due to her having an older brother. She has to fight for what she wants or her big brother will take it from her, so that is what she does.

I feel like I've turned a leaf with my photography as well, I can't look at photography the same way ever again after some classes I took. I'm constantly critiquing everything I see. I used to see pictures and think "wow, that looks great!" and now I look at the same pictures and think, "omg, there is totally a green cast all over their faces, people paid them to do that?!" Not that I am an expert by any means, I am way too insecure to consider myself one but I think I've come a long way.

I'm still working full-time, thinking about more babies, and then changing my mind, dealing with a multitude of things, but my kids are healthy, I'm alive, and marriage has never been better so I can't complain.

More to come...

Am I actually going to hit publish this time?!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

3rd Angry Bird-day

Carter turned three on September 24th and we celebrated with an Angry Birds themed BBQ. I told myself that it would be a casual BBQ with our usual family and friends, but I probably went a little overboard. I thought I'd be too overwhelmed to plan a big party, especially because the party fell on the same week that I went back to work and Carter started preschool but somehow I made it all work. I think I secretly love piling too much on my plate just to see if I can handle it all. Yes, I'm crazy. Haven't we figured that out by now?

Three was a really fun birthday for us because it was the first year that he truly *got* it. He kept talking about his birthday and the party, presents,  for weeks beforehand. I think I'm really going to like three (so far so good!). I hope I don't eat those words later..

Here are some of the pictures of Carter's 3rd Birthday:

Angry Bird cupcake toppers!

Olivia wearing her Angry Birds bow for the party.

Another successful birthday wrapped! Yes, I get that I am literally planning the same party year after year with a new theme but same idea at the same location. I've got to switch it up next year.

In other news..

Life has been moving along for us. I mentioned that Carter started preschool and it is going SO well. Our little guy is now potty trained (which probably deserves a post in itself) and he has had zero accidents in several weeks now. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Three short months ago I couldn't find that perfect preschool and I felt as if Carter would be in diapers forever. Literally overnight my dream preschool appeared a mile from my house - I had no idea it was there - and we were able to potty train Carter. Potty training is one of the worst things as a parent I had to go through. Carter is the a very stubborn child and our daycare provider basically told us not to get our hopes up that he would be potty trained by three years-old. Want to know how I did it? I threw away all the diapers in the house, kept a change of clothes with me wherever I went, and asked him a bajillion times if he had to use the potty. The first week was the most disgusting week of my life, I wanted to give up. He absolutely refused to do a #2 in the potty, for over 8 days in a row (and he goes more than once a day usually). YUCK. We refused to put a diaper on him, even at night. We had to be consistent and persistant. By week two, he finally started doing #2 in the potty, and that was it. He was trained just in time for preschool! It feels like ages ago that I was changing his diaper, and it was only six weeks ago. He is such a big boy now with his big boy underpants. So glad that is over!

He loves his preschool, and is already learning so much. I'm kind of in awe that our little baby boy is now this full blown little man. I don't even know how it happened.

Livy Bean is still adjusting to my going back to work, but I think we finally found our groove here. She is still quite the angel baby for me and I keep asking myself when this whole two kid thing is going to get hard (okay that was a lie - it's really flipping hard but I love it).

I'm going to write a post about going to work this week if I can find the time.

I better run now because Carter is getting into something he shouldn't and Andy needs some help - nighty night!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Olivia is THREE months-old

My baby girl is three months old!

Time has flown by way too fast. Three months old means it's time for Mama to go back to work! This is officially my last week of maternity leave. I go back on Tuesday, September 18th after having close to 16 weeks off total (my last day of work was June 1st). I had almost two weeks off prior to having Olivia, eight weeks of maternity leave, and six weeks of Paid Family Leave.

It's very bittersweet. I'm so attached to Olivia and she to me, that I can't imagine not being with her all day long but I know we need to get this show on the road so to speak. We need to get into our new routines as a family. Carter is also starting preschool the same day I go back to work and I'm anxious to see how life settles. I'm nervous, sad, excited, stressed, but overall I am at peace with it. Life goes on, and I really do love my work but I know the adjustment period will be hard.

My mom will watch Olivia on Mondays and Wednesdays at her house, and we're paying a friend to watch her on Tuesdays and Fridays at our house. I plan on keeping Olivia with me on Thursdays at first. I'll bring her in the office for a few hours, and my husband (we work together) will cover for me the remainder of the day. I'll nurse Olivia on my lunch break and pump in between.

I'm planning on spending the next 5 days snuggling my little girl as much as possible. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Boy.

My tiny peanut; we nicknamed you "monkey" during my pregnancy.

And you truly are a peanut, always a little bit smaller than others your age. To me, you are perfect.

I look back on these pictures of you so new, and I can't believe how this little monkey turned into my feisty smarty-pants toddler who wears big boy underwear and sometimes calls me Michelle.

Your father and I had no clue what we were doing, but we jumped in and we figured it out together. 

We are still figuring it out together.

You taught me patience, and you've tested my patience. All in good ways.

You are hilarious and spunky, and also kind-hearted and giving.

You love to share (food, sometimes toys) and give lots of hugs and kisses.

You LOVE your Papa and Grammie, so much. 

When we visit them, you like to curl up next to your Papa next to his spot on the couch and play on the iPad with him while you share peanuts. 

Grammie loves to teach you all about dogs and birdies, and together you prance around the backyard.

The only cartoon you watch these days is Curious George. 

Over and over again. You, little man, are our Curious George.

You remind me a lot of me. A LOT. You love to give and care for others. 

And you are also sensitive and emotional, and stubborn. Just like me.

You are getting SO big. You are turning 3 and starting preschool this month.

I can't believe how much time has passed, but I also can't remember my life before you were in it.

I wanted to take a moment and remember you when you were still my teeny little baby, just as your sister is now. 

No matter how big you get, you'll always be my little peanut head. 

I love you Monkey. 

I love our little family.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

iPhone Photo Dump

Here is a whole mess of pictures from the past two months. I've taken over 1000 pictures on just my iPhone alone since O was born. Holy moly.