Sunday, June 13, 2010

Attachment anxiety

I'm already becoming a bad blogger with the amount of time passed since my last blog, but I'm determined to keep this up.

Carter has been starting to have a little separation anxiety, and showing a very strong attachment to me. I love that he knows I'm his mom (I still can't get over the fact that I AM someone's MOM!), but it is very exhausting. Even thought Carter loves his Daddy, it is obvious that he definitely has a strong attachment to me.

When he was a newborn, I couldn't wait for him to realize that I was his mom, and reach his arms out to me. It took a few months, but there is no mistaking it now. If Andy has him, and I walk into the room, he instantly starts freaking out, crying and reaching for me. Even if he was perfectly happy before I walked in the room. If I am holding him and I need to set him down for a second, he cries at my feet and tries to pull himself to a standing position while holding on to me. It breaks my little heart, and while I do love it, it's difficult.

Over the weekend Amy (one of my best friends from high school) came over with her husband Mike to watch Carter while I went to dinner and a comedy show for my mom's birthday. When I came home, she told us that he got very upset if Mike tried to hold him, but Carter would follow her from room to room. Carter doesn't have a lot of males around him besides his father, my dad, and my brother. Other then them, he is constantly surrounded and taken care of by females. All of his babysitter's are female. I think this is just a stage all babies go through, but I'm worried it's just going to get worse and worse. I hope he doesn't start throwing
tantrums when I have to go to work, I don't think I can handle that.

He does seem to get brattier around me, as if he knows that he can get away with more around me.

Speaking of babysitter's, Carter's Nanny aka my BFF Roxanne, is in Vegas right now and will be back tomorrow. She watches Carter twice a week, and is actually living with us right now. I'm sure she misses Carter like crazy and I think he misses her too. I miss her! She is with a friend who doesn't believe in eating, so I think Roxanne will come home starving. We've got to feed her well tomorrow!!

OMG, True Blood started tonight, my absolute favorite show! It was amazing! I made a filet mignon (for my hubby, I don't eat most meats except for Chicken), and a Chicken Breast for me with smashed fingerling potatoes and roasted asparagus and carrots. YUM! I can't wait for this season, it's going to be GOOD.

On another note, my Auntie from Portland, OR is visiting, and we had a wonderful time together Friday night, and my Grandpa from AZ is coming out with his girlfriend on Tuesday. I've got a busy week ahead. My Auntie Susan bought Carter the cutest little hat from Seattle - see:

Well, I'm off for the night! The hubs and I are watching Lost, starting with the Pilot. We never really got that into it before, and now that the series has ended, we want to watch it from start to finish. Carter fell asleep in my arms, and I carefully set him in Andy's arms so I could type. :)

I'm working on my 10 favorite baby things for an upcoming blog so stayed tuned.

Night Night.