Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TTC Readings

I need something to amuse myself during this horrid two week-wait, right?

Last week I read about Eternity Tarot Card Readings and decided to give it a go. They were doing free readings but it got out of hand and they couldn't keep up so they decided to charge $5. I'm kinda thankful because they were running 60 days behind on the free readings, and after I paid my $5, I had a reading done in three days. I'm not very patient so that works for me. They also do pregnancy readings if you are currently expecting and are into that.

Here is the reading I recieved last night:

Hello Michelle,

Thank you for allowing me to connect with your energies. I am about to look at your cards in regards to your TTC journey. I hope they resonate well to you.

As I tune into you, I'm seeing a lot of walls that you have built up as a result of some rough things that have happened to you. Something has happened to you that has messed with your ability to feel secure and now you feel a bit unstable. I'm seeing a bit of pain and anxiety through your TTC process thus far. You are being asked by the cards to break down these walls you have put up. Once you do this, you can free yourself from this pain. It will be a difficult and painful process, but I assure you, Michelle, it will free you and will be worth it in the end.

I'm seeing that this journey of moving forward involves leaving something behind, and that this is very hard for you. However, I see that you are headed towards a much better position in your life. I see you dwelling on the past quite a bit, and this is exactly what the cards are asking you to stop doing. The more you let go of the past, the better you will be able to move forward. I see some depression and fatigue for you. You are getting by, but only by just a bit. You need to help yourself, and make these changes in your life to better YOU. I am also now sensing that something is a little out of balance. Have you been to the doctor and gotten tests done? I'm seeing a lot of stress and tension in your life as a result of this imbalance.
In regards to the baby who is waiting to make you a mother, I am picking up on a BOY connected to the months of JULY/AUGUST. This could be conception, birth or BFP timing. The number 6 repeats throughout your spread so keep your eyes open to see if this applies to conception dates, testing dates or due dates.Your son tells me that he has tried to come to you before, but indicates that if he had, something would have been thrown off in your life. Your son is very sensitive and I am picking up on an old soul. He is very loving and is a good listener. He is always calm in crisis and always willing to help. I see him doing something in the field of law or medicine. He is very intelligent. You will find him to be the peace maker in your house. He really does love to take care of people.
In regards to your pregnancy, I'm seeing a doctor. This could mean that you will need a doctor's help in getting pregnant, or that you will need to see a doctor more often when you are pregnant. I'm seeing you really wanting to do things the same way you did them for your last pregnancy and having a trouble dealing with any sort of change. You expect and want things to go the same way. I also see your child acting out a bit while you are pregnant. This will cause a little bit of a headache for you.
When I turn my attention to other children, I'm seeing another boy coming your way after this boy. He is associated with the season of Autumn, but keep in mind that the further away an event is, the less accurate the cards become.
I hope you enjoyed your reading. Feel free to email me with feedback or questions by putting REPLY KIMBERLY in the subject. Please keep me posted on your journey. I always love hearing about pregnancy from my clients, whether or not it happens as the cards predicted. I wish you all the best in your journey.

<3 Kimberly

Wishing you love and light!

Eternity Tarot Readings

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Our Website:

And here is my reading from Cheri22 that I had done in July:

BOY - AUGUST so this is either birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in

When it comes to your son, hes someone who is always going to be kind. he tries to say the right thing. Hes always the type of person w ho is always going to expect good things to happen and will always work towards that. Not wanting to disappoint anyone, often agrees to more things that he can handle. I think that you will find him to slow it down a bit, and then realizes how to make things more organized. Hes someone who is often going to see the good in people and an excellent judge of character. Often surrounding himself with like minded people. Always the one that has a few best friends (both male and female). I am seeing him as someone who is not afraid to try something and find out later it sucks. Often able to laugh at his own mistakes as he learns what he wants out of life.

When it comes to your son, I am seeing him as someone who tries hard, is someone who is often very observant and really does understand what is expected from him. He is always trying to live up to the expectations that not only are put on him, but ones that he puts on himself. You will find him to always enjoy meeting new people. Hes calm mannered person and willing to give everyone a chance. I would consider him to be someone who is motivated and wanting others to see what they are capable of. The one that people seem to turn to when they want sound advice.

When it comes career paths, they show him linked to working in a sales related position. I do believe that he is good at his job because he tells you the truth. He would only deal with things that he knows/trusts, and people can see that in him.

When it comes to marriage I am seeing him closer to 28. They will have one girl and one boy of their own.

Let me know if you have any questions

Best Wishes


Now I don't put too much stock onto either of these readings, but I do find some interesting similarities. They both are telling me August and boy. August doesn't necessarily mean birth month, it can be conception month, or the month you find out in. If we do concieve this cycle, our conception month will be August. Or we could concieve in November, and be due in August. Only time will tell.

I did relate more to the Eternity Tarot Card reading, but I feel like she eluded to me having diffculties concieving and a difficult pregnancy which is a little scary. She also said that I'm having a boy (and another boy - THREE boys?!), and that this boy tried to come before but the time wasn't right. I miscarried my baby girl in February so that was confusing, but then I remembered that chemical pregnancy I had in June. Maybe..?

In any case, it was just for fun!

Monday, August 29, 2011

I want to be a better photographer

Really, I do. I wish I absorbed more in the 4+ photography classes I've taken in my lifetime, but I didn't. I'm happy that I'm finally taking the time to learn and grow my hobby. I'm not looking to be a professional, but I want to take pictures like a professional. My next step is purchasing Photoshop. As much as I love Lightroom, it just doesn't compare to Photoshop at all. I'm hoping I can swing that purchase in the next few week. I'd like to take another Photoshop class to refresh my memory too.

I'm also hoping to upgrade my DSLR in the coming year to something a bit more advanced. Any recommendations? I'm toying with switching to Nikon, although I do love my precious Canon.
For now, I'm just practicing, practicing, practicing. I miss the days when Carter was an immobile subject. Nowadays, I can't get him to sit still, let alone look at the camera, or (gasp) smile. I really want to practice on someone or something that I can get to sit still. Any volunteers?

In any case, I snapped a few pictures this weekend during the 10 minute window I spent outdoors because it was so insanely hot and humid, here you are:

This one is my favorite from August for The Paper Mama challenge this week.

The Paper Mama

Not a smile, but at least he is looking up in the general direction of the camera (this is a rarity!).

Sigh. Love.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Weekend so far.

Our internet and TV have been out all weekend (ohmagah) so we've been trying to find other ways of amusing ourselves. Friday night we dusted off Yahtzee and gave it a go. Seriously, Yahtzee is so much fun.

Yesterday morning when I couldn't wake up with some coffee, news and catching up with blogs, I popped a DVD in to my laptop. I forgot I even owned DVD's, we download all of our movies from Apple TV or rent them through our cable provider. I used to live at Blockbuster and now I can't remember the last time I went into one. It's all a little actually. This instant gratification thing is becoming all too much for us as a society, but yet I want all those luxuries. Torn.

We went out to dinner last night on a whim with my parents, brother Alex, his friend Dylan, my sister Nichole and the newest guy she has been dating, Chad. We headed over to The Malibu Cafe at Calimigos Ranch. I haven't been to Calimigos in such a long time, and had not been to this restaurant before. Seriously, this place is amazing. You dine under the stars, surrounded by trees covered in hanging lights, and they have pool tables sitting in the grass. There is a lake with paddle boats, beautiful cabanas, all tucked away in a mini forest. I felt like I was in a fairy tale land as everything just seemed to sparkle. I'm already planning our next trip here, I would love to get friends together for a drink, some food, or just for some s'mores over the open campfires. This place felt...magical. Amy, I'm taking you here for some appetizers and s'mores, stat!

And we're spending today playing with face paints, hopefully a nice home cooked dinner, and True Blood. What's your Sunday routine?

Face painting (or body painting) fun! Thanks Grammie!

Yea, really, THANKS Grammie.

Sunday morning Starbucks run!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Things I heart Friday

I wasn't able to finish this yesterday, so here are all the things I'm loving Thursday Friday.

By the way, I love the word "things," I'm sure teachers would encourage me to use another word, but it's just so universal. Thingsssssss. Anywho, here's what I got:

- Jennifer Garner REALLY is preggo! Well, it was obvious but glad they confirmed it.
(On a side note, so is Jason Batemans wife, they also have a daughter named Francesca, 4. I have a tiny bit of a crush on Jason Bateman.)

-This funny article written by Teresa Strasser this week on kids birthday parties; A Kid Pro Quo: You Throw a Party, I Better Throw One, Too.

-This hilarious music video found on YouTube called "Early Bird Catches the Sperm." Since my mind is so consumed with all things TTC, this lifts me up (I'm sure a bunch of you will get a kick out of this!).

-This beautiful (and sad) picture of a dog who wouldn't leave his owners side at his owners funeral. Touching and sweet.

Article and story found here.

- I really want this wreath for my door. I love wreaths, and I want one year-round, ok?

Found here.

That's all I got.

It's FRIDAY people!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless(ish) Wednesday: i have an old baby


Carter is 23 months-old today! Yes I am one of those parents who remembers exactly how many months-old my kid is (past 12 months). When I'm asked "how old is he" on a daily basis by strangers, I reply "almost two." And soon it'll just be "two." Excuse me while I go cry...

Getting his face painted at the fair

Love this one. I wish my mom didn't have her iPhone in his face.

I remember after Carter was born I yearned for the day he could walk, talk, be funny, tell me what he likes and dislikes, give kisses, hugs, and for when I could take him out into the world to do fun things that he would actually appreciate. And now all I want is my itty bitty baby back. I want my baby back baby back baby back, Chili's baby back ribs...Okay, couldn't help myself.

He reminds me of Alfafa here. I love my little dorkis.

This is what pure happiness looks like folks.

He IS pretty awesome at this age. It blows my mind that he uses actual sentences now. For example, he'll find my phone and go to hand it to me and say "here's your phone." And I'll go "great..thanks." Wait, wtf?  He says so many new words on a daily basis that I'm continually surprised by him. He still doesn't have the counting thing down even though I practice with him everyday. I think deep down he knows how to count to 5, but he is SO stubborn and won't do something if I ask him to. He does throw trash in the trash can when I ask. He thinks it's fun. Anytime I need something thrown away, I ask Carter to do it for me, and he obliges. He's like my own little personal assistant in training. Kidding! But really it's kind of neat.

My boy and I. I can't believe I had hoped for a girl first, little boys are amazing.

This is turning into many more words than I anticipated. I'm going to treasure this last month where I can still say I have a one year-old. Coming up next month is the big T-W-O birthday bash. I hope it turns out to be everything I want it to be and then some. Well, I mean for Carter. The party is all for him, right? Who I am kidding, it's all for me!

This is what it looks like when Daddy gets Carter ready for bed.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Class of 2001 (10 year reunion!)

Now that I've had a chance to recover (physically and emotionally) I can tell you all about my high school reunion last night. It was actually a lot more fun then I thought it was going to be. I was SUPER nervous so I started off with a glass of champagne....followed by three two more glasses.

I hung out with these pretty ladies most of the night, these girls were my bestest in high school, and still to this day.

Amy (from Dandelion Paperweight), Me, Laura, Roxanne

I waited until the last minute to find something to wear.
 I found this little number the night before the reunion at Kohls, $24.99.

After my dosing of liquid courage I was definitely enjoying myself. I talked to most of the people I wanted to talk to, and successfully avoided a few others. I was surprised actually at how many people stopped me to say hello (some of which I didn't think remembered me so I wouldn't have approached them first, but they totally came by to say hi). Isn't that funny how you always think someone won't remember you, but they always end up saying something to you first? Just me?

My preggo friend Mary who was my best friend when I was 12. Isn't she cute?

My friend Lauren (Lauren West Photography), Cristie, and Casey.

Laura and her hubby Scott.

My friend Chris who was my drinking buddy back in the day.

Matt (previous roomie and close friend) with my hubby. 
He's known Andy since day 1!

I'm going to admit that I drank a little faster and a little more than I anticipated. I never drink so I don't exactly have a tolerance anymore. I was anxious mixed with excitement for a night out sans Carter. I don't think I said or did anything embarrassing last night, but not quite sure. I did wake up with a horrible champagne hangover (the worst kind), and I am now reminded why I never drink. 

Chasing after a two year-old while nursing a hangover is just the worst feeling ever.  

All in all it was a great night. I had second thoughts about going, but really, we're all adults now and I know I would have regretted not going if I stayed home. It's worth the fog I'm in today. 

I'm contemplating taking up drinking more often as I was taken care of by Andy all day with Gatorade, food, cheesy movies (I chose Groundhogs Day). He allowed me to take a nap AND I was off poopy diaper duty (well, except for one). Kidding, I'm not totally serious about taking up drinking, but I'm glad Andy was there for me today. I told him I owe him one in the future. 

We all need to let a little steam off once and a while, right?

OH! Almost forgot. So I was introduced to this show called Workaholics on Comedy Central a few weeks ago, and I'm obsessed. Andy and I downloaded the first season on iTunes and would watch the episodes in bed every night for a week until we finished it. It's a little raunchy, but totally our sense of humor. So last night at 10pm, the bar / lounge that our reunion was at (Station Hollywood at the W Hotel in Hollywood - swanky, yes), opened up to the general public. While I was drunk catching up with old friends, Andy pulled me aside excitedly and told me he saw one of the actors from Workaholics there. Normally I would have gawked from afar, but because I was a bit tipsy, I grabbed my camera and Andy and marched right up to him. His name is Blake Anderson, and he is MY favorite character from the show. He plays this funny, sensitive awkward guy, with poofy hair, a funny mustache who always wears funny patterned type shirts. He was dressed like that when we saw him; I wondered if he is like this in real life, or they just finished filming? Season 2 does start Sept. 20th. I told Blake I was at our 10 year high school reunion, that I was a HUGE fan of the show, and that I was a little drunk. 
He was super nice at the time, but I think I creeped him out. 

Picture proof:

Blake Anderson from Workaholics and I.

And then 20 minutes later or so, I saw another guy from the show with him (who happens to be my 2nd fav guy from the show, Adam Devine). They use their names in real life as the names of their characters on the show. I of coarse had to stop and talk to Adam, but Blake promptly walked away when he saw me coming (oops). I think I scared him off. 

Adam was really nice and told me his reunion is coming up next year, and took a picture with us.

Roxanne, Adam Devine from Workaholics, Me, Andy

We arrived at my parents house around 1am (wow, normally I'm in bed by 9pm so this was a stretch). I fully expected my mom to bring Carter down to our room (we were sleeping over), but she didn't. We didn't see Carter until this morning, he slept right in between his Grammie and Grandpa all night! 

All in all, it was a great night! I probably wouldn't change a thing (except for sharing a vodka cranberry with Roxanne at the end of the night, oy).

Roxanne and I all dolled up ready to go with my little sis Nichole who wanted to jump in for a picture.

Did you (or will you) go to your high school reunion? 

Friday, August 19, 2011


I recently read about this plan on Fertility Friend as bunch of the girls on there are giving it a go this month. I've read a lot of women get pregnant on this plan.

For those of you in the dark, here are the details on the SMEP plan:

Can't hurt to try it, right?

Anyone else on FF?? Want to be my "friend" on it?

By the way, my TEN YEAR high school reunion is tomorrow. Freaking out over here. I have nothing to wear, need a mani pedi, new shoes, new hair, new body, ahhhhhhhhh. Expect an update and some pictures Sunday.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Things I love Thursday..

Sooo, I didn't really find anything I loved this week for this post. It's been one of those insanely busy, dramatic, awful weeks. Work is SO stressful. Almost every call I take (if I take it) is an apology for my lack of responsiveness. Ugh. But my home life is good. I work for the weekends, and for the weeknights when I get to be Mom. :)

I did find one thing this week I loved, this interesting perspective on natural birth vs epidural birth.

While I'm not pregnant, I do think about what I want to do differently with my birthing experience the next opportunity I have. Personally, I don't think natural births are best for baby and mother. But I don't think they aren't best for baby and mother. See, I think using the word best insinuates that someone having a medicated birth would in anyway want to do something that wasn't best for their child. I always want what is best for my child, and I had an epidural (and then a c-section). It's hurtful to think that I would do something intentionally that wasn't in the best interest of my child. My child means the world to me. I just think it's a super personal decision based on your own circumstances coupled with the fact that pain effects everyone very differently. What's best for you, is up to you. I don't think there is any right way, it is universal to everyone.

I don't regret my birthing experience one bit, but having been through what I have, and knowing what I know, I do want to do things differently the next time around (if I'm given the chance, please God!). I've decided that I'm not going to schedule a c-section just because I've already had one even though VBAC's are risky. While, I wouldn't be devastated if I had another c-section, I want more than two babies and can't bear to think of having 2, 3 or more c-sections! I'd like to try for a VBAC and if it doesn't go as planned, then yes, I'll have a repeat cesarean. My mom had a VBAC with her 2nd child, and she was very insistent about it. She ended up having the first VBAC in Ventura County (where my sister was born) in 1985. She had the first VBAC ever at that hospital!

Also, unless 100% medically necessary, I'd probably not do the induction route again either. Yes there were medical reasons to why I needed to be induced, but I was naive and didn't insist we wait it out as they weren't life threatening reasons and it was my decision to go forward with it. I was anxious, in pain, tired and 9 months pregnant. If I'm overdue, then I would go the repeat c-section route rather than induction as I'd rather do a c-section than go through another failed induction. I want to be alert, happy, and comfortable when I bring another baby in this world. Not miserable, starving and tired. By the time Carter was actually born, I could have given birth to a Ilama and I wouldn't have cared.

The first time I held Carter. About 5 seconds later I said, "Umm okay, I'm going to drop him now so please take him."

Someday I'll actually write out Carter's birth story for you.

But anyways, just my two cents. And that's not to say I might have a completely different opinion when the time comes around to do this again. I think I've forgotten what it's like to be 10 months pregnant. Haha.

I don't judge anyone else for their choices as I hope not to be judged for mine. This is a super personal decision, to each his own.

And that's not to say that I'm not fascinated in natural birth and birth in general. I watched 'The Business of Being Born' at least 5 times while I was pregnant and at one point Andy started to want me to have a home water birth. Yea, that didn't happen.

I'm equally excited for 'More Business of Being Born' which should be out in October, and they totally delve into the VBAC world and feature celebrities! Woop Woop. I have quite the obsession with TTC, pregnancy, birth, and babies these days; I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Happy almost Friday all!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Farm Day

There is a local farm that we like to visit where you can pet animals, ride on trains, do pony rides, and pick your own fruits and veggies straight from the ground. It's a 10 minute ride from my house so when Andy and my parents decided they wanted to go see a movie last Sunday, I decided to spend some quality time at the farm with my boy.

I lured him out of my parents house with the promise of riding a "Choo Choo" and that's all it took.

Apparently goats can drive cars here.

I asked him to put his head in the little piggy after I demonstrated so he humored me. That's love.

Picking some green beans that we ended up cooking for dinner. They were SO yummy.

I did find lots of leaves and stems, and not so many green beans in Carter's bag.

Lots O' Lettuce, ripe for the picking.

My favorite was the strawberry picking time.

I didn't have to worry about Carter mixing stems and leaves here, he definitely knew what to go for. Although he couldn't distinguish a ripe strawberry from a rotten one, or a not-so-ripe one. Mommy would graciously accept his pickings and then weed out the uglies when he wasn't looking. That's what we do, right?

Carter wondered off up some hill lined with avocado trees.
In 80+ degree heat, I had to go chasing him, camera, strawberries and all, only causing him to run faster.

I'm linking up as always to the Wordless(ish) Wednesday link-up on The Paper Mama.