Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cancer Sucks

For the past few years Andy and I have talked about going to visit his Grandpa Michael in Tennessee. His grandfather is Andy's only living grandparent remaining; with the other three passing from Cancer, specifically all three passed from lung cancer. Andy says they were all smokers. His living grandfather quit many years ago and lives in Johnson City, TN with his wife Dorothy.

We've talked about visiting many times but never made real concrete plans. Well that all changed last week when we heard he was in the hospital and they found a lesion on his lung among other things, and he was no longer able to care for himself. A few days later we heard it was lung cancer and they are giving him 6 month's to live. Andy is devastated and I have had a hard time keeping my emotions in check lately with this pregnancy. I've cried hysterically just watching the news or reading it online. We need to get out to Tennessee, preferably sooner than later.

We're leaving for Hawaii with Andy's parents and Carter on Thursday evening, and will be spending six wonderful days there. This definitely puts a little damper on our moods, but I'm hoping we can all relax and enjoy ourselves.

Tentatively we plan on flying to Tennessee mid February (Friday - Monday), fly into Nashville with Carter, drive 4 hours to Johnson City and spend the weekend with his Grandpa, and driving back to Nashville Sunday night, maybe have dinner and see a little bit and go home in the morning. It's going to be a very somber trip but I'm definitely looking forward to meeting his grandfather and watching Carter meet his great-grandfather.

For now, we'll focus on Hawaii and some relaxation and fun. I really need a good break, and can't wait to spend time with Andy's parents and Andy and Carter.

I'll post pics when I return.



Amy said...

I'm sending my love to you, Andy, and Andy's family.