Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And the winner is ... YODA

Should I not post pictures of his costume before Halloween?? Is there an etiquette for that? Oh well.

So today we were finally able to go to the Halloween store and check-out costumes for Carter. I had been looking at costumes online for a while, and I saw this Yoda costume and thought Carter would make a cute Yoda. My husband is a huge Star Wars fan so I knew Star Wars was going to play a big role in our son's life.

I wanted Carter to be a Bumble Bee (too girly according to some), or a cute little Tiger (or maybe it was because the baby modeling the tiger costume was freakin adorable) or a little monster, or dinosaur. But I kept coming back to the Yoda costume. It was sentimental in the sense that I knew it would make my husband really happy, and would mean something to him. And then everything else seemed meaningless.

So I held up the tiger costume next to the Yoda costume and asked Carter to choose. He instantly grabbed the Yoda costume and lugged it around the entire Halloween store for people to gush over and tell him what a cute Yoda he would be. Settled. While I was at the Halloween store he seemed especially concerned with the masks. I think he might think they were real heads. He seemed perplexed by them and kind of freaked out.

Today was a better day for me at the office. I'm catching up a bit more and didn't feel like I had the weight of the world on my chest when I left. It was also payday and that always makes me happy. We had a nice little dinner at Chili's just the three of us. They have the best chips and salsa there, sooo yummy! I let Carter chew on some of the tortilla chips, and after carefully watching Mommy dip hers in the salsa, he reached over and plopped one in the salsa and put it in his mouth. The salsa is kinda spicey and I watched him waiting for some sort of reaction. He loved it! He grabbed the next one and carefully dipped it in the salsa, and then the spice finally hit him and he started sticking his tongue out and spitting. I wish I had a video of it. After a sip of his milk, he went back for more and more! Our little one is going to love spicey foods!

It's so much fun watching your child develop their own likes and dislikes. Yes it has a lot to do with what you put in front of them, or what you do yourself, but when they decide they like something on their own, or dislike something that you think they should like - that is when it get's truly amazing.

We did a little trial run with Carter in his costume tonight. We dressed him and gave him his little pumpkin lantern we got at the dollar store and went outside and walked around for a bit. He loved it! He carefully toted his lantern around, stopping to take a break here and there and setting it down always remembering to pick it up before he started walking again. I snapped some pictures with my other baby, the Canon Rebel. See some of my favorites below.

The husband is bugging me to go upstairs to bed now. I think my nightly blogging is annoying him because I always start so late.