Monday, October 31, 2011

The wait is driving me crazy!

My first ultrasound is scheduled for Thursday at 9am. Andy is definitely coming with me this time. In fact, I have this fear about going alone to any ultrasound now after losing Rose. I went to that appointment alone.

My new doctor has a fancy ultrasound tech with a machine come in every Thursday so he only does ultrasounds on this day. The plus side is the equipment is nicer so I'll be getting an abdominal ultrasound and I won't have to be probed with the wand. Yay! The negative side is that he wanted me to have my 1st ultrasound last Thursday but because I had to go to San Fran for work, we had to put if off a week. I could have done it the week before my trip, but I would have only been 5 weeks, 6 days I didn't want to worry myself if we didn't see anything that early so we put it off a week. I'll be one day shy of 8 weeks for my appointment.

With my last two pregnancies, I did not have an NT scan at 12 weeks. My previous doctor didn't find it necessary because I wasn't high risk, but left it up to me and I decided not to. My reasoning was if they found anything wrong with the baby AT ALL, I would never terminate the pregnancy. Even if my child would never have a chance at life, I would carry my baby as long as I possibly could.

My doctor is requiring my to get an NT Scan this time at 12 weeks, and I am relieved. I lost Rose just shy of 14 weeks, and had they done an NT Scan, we might have known a bit earlier that things were not looking good because my fluid was low. It wouldn't have changed the outcome, but hearing all is well at my scan at 12 weeks this time will bring me peace of mind.

But I'm going to stop thinking about the past and the "what if's" and focus on the positive. Right now, I know I'm pregnant. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Thursday and we have no reason to believe this pregnancy isn't going to result in a healthy baby. I've had no spotting, no intense cramping (besides that first week), and I have symptoms of pregnancy. The biggest symptom for me is the fatigue and nausea, but it's not that bad for now. For the most part, I feel okay.

I had a Doppler I used when pregnant with Carter, I believe we first found the heartbeat around 10 weeks. I really want to get one for this pregnancy and will probably start shopping for one this weekend assuming my appointment goes well (I need to stop saying that!).

Ooh, and my mom had a reading with a psychic recently and the psychic asked my mom who was pregnant, and my mom said I was, and then the psychic brought up twins and asked if they ran in the family. She said she saw a boy and a girl. I really don't think I'm having twins, although there's always the thought before you know for sure you only have one baking. Twins don't really run in the family, but there were a pair of them a few generations back on my moms side. The chances are extremely low given we were not on any kind of fertility meds, but hey, you never know.

Hopefully I'll have a nice happy update for you on Thursday.

Oh and Happy Halloween! We will be Trick Or Treating tonight, hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with pictures.



Anonymous said...

Only two more days! Cannot wait to read how it goes, cousin. :)

Hope that you had a Happy Halloween and Carter had fun trick-or-treating.