Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Holidays! And it's a ...

Sorry I've been slacking lately. I'm in a little bit of a funk because Christmas is over. I love the madness of the season and spending time with my family. The relatives left today and I'm back at work (sniff sniff). Every year I tell myself that I'm going to take the week between Christmas and New Years off and every year I don't. I'm really kicking myself this year.

My parents hired a local Santa to come to their house on Christmas Eve and hand out one present to all the kids. Carter is much more aware of Christmas this year and he won't stop talking about Santa Clause so I knew he'd be excited. The minute Santa came to the door, Carter was mesmorized by him. He took Santa's hand and showed him the Christmas tree, and then picked a present up and gave it to Santa. And then it kinda got ugly. Before Santa came to the door, my parents gave Santa one present for each child so that he could hand them out and take pictures with the kids. Carter went first, and when Santa went to pull out the first present Carter's eyes lit up and he reached out to take the present, but it wasn't for him. Santa takes out the next present, and same thing, not for him. By the third present when Santa told Carter it wasn't for him, he was so horrified he ran away sobbing. We felt so horrible. By the time the last present came out, we all excitedly cheered because we thought it must be for him, but as Carter was about to open it, we realized it wasn't for Carter (my parents had put in two presents for someone else and missed Carter accidentally!). Carter started sobbing again and ran away. His feelings were so hurt. We all couldn't help but laugh at the awful mixup. I'm not sure if Carter is still a fan of Santa. Finally my mom ran and got Carter a present to open, but the damage had been done.

Sittin on Santa's lap, but seriously Santa? You couldn't have looked at the camera? Carter was actually looking at the camera for once!

Finally getting his present with tears still in his eyes.
Right before Christmas Eve dinner.
 We had 15 people at my parents house for Christmas who all bring presents for each other. It gets a bit overwhelming. And my parents insist on passing out presents one by one. It takes a few hours to get through them all, but it is

My instagram pic of our tree on Christmas morning.

Love this picture of Carter. He loved the 99 cent bag of balloons that Santa put in his stocking.
I think it was his favorite toy of the day as expected.

15 weeks, belly is huge but I've lost 10 pounds! It doesn't feel like it though.

Sorry to keep you all waiting, but I forgot to post the gender annoucement. We found out a few days before Christmas that we are expecting a ....


I'll post more about the details later, and will hopefully have some pictures to go with it.

Happy Holidays!


Amy said...

Poor Carter! We had 15 people all open presents together as well, but there were maybe 1/4 of the presents that you guys had! I'm glad you guys had fun!!

And yay for a girl! I can't wait to buy her cute little outfits :)

Wendy L. Callahan said...

Congratulations on a girl!!!

Heh, Carter is so precious. I don't blame him at all for crying. Tell him that big-cousin Wendy would cry too if Santa didn't have a gift for her. ;)