Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I was reading up June birth months because I'm into astrology and wanted to find out more about this little bub.

This baby will most likely be a Gemini like myself, like my mother and one of my best friends. There is also avery good chance this baby will be born on mothers birthday.

I learned something very beautiful this morning. The birth flower for the month of June is a Rose.

Image found here.

A rose! I couldn't help my emotions the second I read that and tears started to stream down my face. Something just clicked inside of me. It seems like this past year - losing Rose, TTC, our new baby - has all come together full circle.

Can I tell you something? My mother lost a child before I was born when she was 5 months pregnant. It was a little boy. Years later she met with a psychic and they told her she had lost a little boy, that the timing wasn't right, but he was waiting for the right time to come back to her. She truly believes he came back to her when my brother was born (who is now 17). Do you believe in this? I truly do.

Also, this past May I went and saw a local psychic. She told me she saw some "issues with pregnancy." I told the psychic that I had lost a baby a few months back. She then told me that I would have a healthy pregnancy by the end of year, but that I must wait three months before conceiving because my body was not ready. I didn't want to believe her at the time because we were already trying, but she was right. The fourth cycle that we tried after that meeting resulted in this pregnancy.

I'm starting to let myself believe that maybe everything will be okay this time.

By the way, we found out the gender over the weekend at our early elective gender scan. I will share that news very soon; I want to scan in some of the pictures first.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I definitely believe that things have come full circle. What a beautiful sign. I'm looking forward to a healthy new cousin in 2012. :)

Michelle said...

Thank you cousin! Love you!

lynn said...

hi, i don't have a blog but i randomly came across yours a few days ago. i read your miscarriage experience with tears in my eyes. its so easy to get caught up in every day struggles and stresses, but journeys like yours help me to remember the blessing God has given me when he gave me my healthy 11 month old daughter. you are brave and strong and beautiful. i am sending your family my prayers for a wonderful holiday season.