Friday, January 27, 2012

Half Baked & Anatomy Scan!

Guess what?

It's a girl!!!

Okay, I know, I already told you, but now it's for real.

Picture from my 16 week ultrasound.

We had our anatomy scan on Wednesday, which is when you would normally find out the gender if you are a normal person, and we all know I am not a normal person. Even though I was told girl at 13 weeks, 14 weeks and 16 weeks - I still had this terrible feeling that they would tell me it was actually a boy at the anatomy scan. Not that I would mind having another boy, but my heart is set on having a girl (and I've already invested in a bunch of girlie things, thank you etsy). And it would probably break my poor MIL's heart if I told her we were no longer having a girl. But no need to worry, after our fourth confirmation of "it's a girl," I think I can sleep easy.

She's waving! 

Today, I'm officially 20 weeks pregnant! Half way through and plugging along. I'm still using my doppler now and again, but not every single night. I'm feeling her move so much more that it's easier to go without checking up on her all the time. I still get nervous if I haven't felt her kick in a while, but I'm learning to let go..just a little.

Baby girl weighs 11 ounces (according to my doctor) and is the size of a mango (according to one of my pregnancy apps). She is definitely a mover and shaker. My last two ultrasounds the tech made several comments about how active she was. She refuses to stay put. Does that mean I have another Carter on my hands? I have an anterior placenta just as I did with Carter so kicks aren't as easy to feel so early, but now I understand why I'm feeling her much sooner than I did with Carter. She is still measuring right on track with my other ultrasounds. It was all good news!

Look at that face!

I'm definitely feeling like I am in the honeymoon stage of pregnancy. I finally feel human. The headaches are less frequent. I can cook again. I am eating more. Sleep is grand except for becoming mildly uncomfortable.

This 3D picture was taken at our elective gender scan at 14 weeks. Baby girl is sucking her thumb!

I'm really looking forward to having a 3D ultrasound around 25 weeks as I did with Carter. He resembles those pictures so much that I want to do a comparison for you in a future blog post.

Did you have a 3D ultrasound with your pregnancy? Did your child resemble the pictures after they were born?


~Rian said...

I did a 3D ultrasound with my daughter and she looked exactly like her picture. It was wonderful to have more of a bond with her because I could picture her face in my mind. I have one scheduled for this pregnancy on 2/8. I hope that he won't be too big so we can see his face! :-)