Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Palm Springs Photo Dump

We spent last weekend in Palm Springs with the in-laws. Technically it was La Quinta, but whatever. I LOVE the desert and plan on retiring here someday. There is something about the energy there that makes me feel so peaceful and happy. It must be in the air..

Andy suggested we do a baby moon / 3rd anniversary getaway here in April, I'm in! Did I mention they have casinos there? Yea that. If there is a casino within 30 minutes of wherever of I am, I have to go. It might be a problem, I don't know. Ha.

By the way, is it extremely inappropriate for a pregnant lady to be in a casino? I found the smoking really offensive. I didn't notice it unless someone sat down next to me and started smoking, to which I would abruptly move and cough at them. It's probably not super appropriate so we didn't stay long. (But I'll be back!)

Carter is such a fish, I swear. He loves bath time and would take two-hour baths if I let him, but I don't...often. Naturally he loved the kiddie pool, but we weren't really prepared to take him to the pool so he didn't have a swim diaper or bathing suit. His diaper was so full he wasn't able to move around the pool. Pool day end.

Carter heaven.

We stayed at the La Quinta Resort & Club. It's a four star hotel that normally goes for $300-$400 per night. But because I'm super savvy, I got two rooms, for two nights at $100 a night. I was pretty proud of myself. (I used Priceline's name your own price feature. I didn't think they would actually give me a four star hotel for $100 a night..but they did). It's a gorgeous hotel if you are ever out there.

There were only a few minor problems.

On Saturday, they weather report said windy. Sure, windy. They did not mention the wind would be blowing in 60 mph gusts that would cause us to be holed up in our rooms for several hours because it was not safe to go outside. After the wind storm passed, it looked like a war zone outside of our hotel. Debris everywhere, trees uprooted from the ground, grapefruit massacre. (They have hundreds of grapefruit trees lining the property). So worth it though..and I'll take any excuse to sit with my feet up in a fancy hotel for a few hours.

One night, as grandpa was trying to put Carter in his car seat, Carter started having a full blown tantrum. Arms flailing, face turning red, yelling, tears and all. Grandpa was struggling to put him in, and Carter hit grandpa with one of his flailing arms. Grandpa in turn took Carter's hand and smacked it! Ummmmm, very awkward and shocking moment for me right there. I explained to Grandpa we do not hit (especially as a punishment for hitting, WTF). Turns out, all Carter wanted was his grapefruit that he had been carefully carrying around and had dropped while getting in the car. It only took a moment to patiently ask him to use his words to tell me what he wants - and tantrum over. I understand Grandpa raised his children in a completely different time so I'm going to forgive that one instance. Carter was over it in two seconds and playing with his grandparents so I'm sure it hurt mommy more than it hurt him. This is probably a huge hot topic right there so I'll leave it at that.

All in all, we really did have a wonderful weekend and I'm really glad we were able to treat Andy's parents to a little bit of heaven during their trip.


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