Friday, May 25, 2012

37 weeks: Full Term, Baby!

I'm in disbelief I made it this far, and that our little girl can safely join us at any time! Not that I hope she comes early, as uncomfortable as I am. I would prefer no surprises and that she'll join us on her scheduled date of June 11. I'd really like to be mentally and physically prepared (showered, bags packed, hair done, camera charged, etc), and I'm not quite there. Although, I've always thought it would be fun to experience my water breaking on it's own and rushing to the hospital like they do in the movies..haha.

Physically I'm barely holding up. I'm pretty sure she's dropped. I'm having so much pressure and pain very low, that after sitting at my desk for an hour or two, I can barely walk. Literally. I have to stand up and hold the underside of my belly for a good 2-3 minutes and wait for the sharp pains to subside, and then I can attempt to walk. Ouch.

And can we talk about heartburn? What is this evil thing? I escaped heartburn altogether my first pregnancy, and didn't start experiencing it until a month or two ago. Now I wake up in the middle of the night with the most excruciating heartburn. I've been keeping a bottle of Tums next to the toilet since I'm up to pee so much and I it's been helping a little.

I had one or two days of swelling (my feet were a little swollen) but that subsided. I'm still lucky enough to be wearing my wedding rings although today they seem to be a bit tight. I don't know how I escaped that so I'm pretty happy, but I remember getting incredibly swollen after my c-section last time from the IV fluids so I should probably take my jewelry off now while I still can. I also had my blood pressure creep up on me at the end of Carter's pregnancy, and this time it's way low. Like just above too low, low. I am overweight and 9 months pregnant and I have the blood pressure of an athlete. Go figure.

I also have no idea how I managed to gain only 12 pounds. Seriously. I actually lost a pound at my last appointment, but the baby is growing at a stellar rate so I couldn't be happier. I wish I felt as good as all of this sounds, but I still feel like my body is broken and I'm unable to do very basic things. Getting up out of bed at night to pee is the worst. I have no stomach muscles, and it takes everything I've got to push myself up and off the bed, and then I experience sharp stabbing pains with every step I take. I feel like, at any moment, the baby, placenta and all, will just drop right out of me.

I know I will miss every second of this in another month or so and who knows when or if I'll get to be pregnant again so I'm trying to savor every last day as much as I want to meet her already.

My official last day of work is June 6th! I'm working right up until I have her minus two days. I thought I owed myself at least two days to square things away at home, but knowing me, I'll probably come into the office just because I won't know what to do with myself. I'm constantly busy, and complaining about it, but the minute I have a moment to myself, I have to fill it with something. Before Carter was born I would have loved some free-time, but now I'm pretty content with just going, going, going all the time. Especially at 9 months pregnant, I feel like if I sit still, I'll just end up watching the clock tick waiting for this baby to be born. I wish I could physically accomplish what my mind wants it to.

Sorry for the ramble of emotions, but that's all I got! In a little over two weeks our baby girl will be here and this will all be a distant memory. Please say a prayer for a safe delivery and a healthy baby girl. It's all I care about.


Ashley Noelle said...

I love reading your posts. You are seriously one adorable pregnant mama!

Just want to wish you and olivia a safe L&D and can't wait to see the pixs of your sweetie! :)

~Rian said...

Yay!! Full term!!! I hope she sticks to plan and you get a nice, calm delivery. Can't wait to see her pictures, so exciting!!