Wednesday, April 11, 2012

30 Weeks!

I made it to 30 weeks! 30 weeks sounds really pregnant to me and I can't believe in as little as 7 weeks our baby girl could be here, full-term. I thought I would jot down a bit about how I'm feeling at 30 weeks so I don't forget..

Crappy iPhone picture for your viewing pleasure.

Far Along: 30 Weeks 4 Days

Weight Gain: About 10 pounds total, the doctor is very pleased given my starting weight. And I didn't have to give up my sweets (GD test passed!)

Gender: Baby is all girl as confirmed by at least 6 ultrasounds, and counting. I like how they must tell me the gender at every ultrasound appointment, just to make sure.

Labor Signs: I've been feeling a TON of pressure, lower back pain, cramping and round ligament pain the past few weeks. A lot of which have to do with sitting at my desk all day long because I notice I'm not feeling as much pain / pressure on the weekends. I don't think this means anything, but I do know those are signs of early labor so my doctor and I are keeping watch of everything. I'm getting mandatory ultrasounds every two weeks to check my cervical length, fluid and measure the baby. I'm fine with the added precautions but I don't expect her to come earlier than scheduled.

Nursery: We've painted and have a crib, dresser, chair and some art ready to go. I'm itching to get the foundation down and then figure out what we still need after my baby shower on April 22nd.

Birth: Well, I went ahead and scheduled a repeat c-section for June 11th (4 days shy of my due date), and exactly two calendar months from today. I still haven't completely ruled out a VBAC but it's doubtful. Given the reasons why I had a c-section before, I'm not an excellent VBAC candidate. My doctor won't let me wait to go into labor naturally after June 11th, and obviously another induction is just not an option. If by chance I go into labor on my own before June 11th and I'm progressing quickly without medical intervention or complications, will definitely try for a VBAC. I do love the idea of going to the hospital nicely showered, made-up and rested, and then having our baby girl within minutes, but I don't like the idea of having had TWO c-sections and what that will do to my future ability to have children.

Appointments: I'm going every two-weeks right now, and I'm getting fancy ultrasounds each time. I know I'm really lucky because I remember only getting two fancy (high quality) ultrasounds with Carter my entire pregnancy. They measure Olivia top to bottom every two weeks to make sure she is progressing on target. You know how I was worried in the very beginning that she was measuring 4 days behind? Well, I went in for my usual appointment about a month ago and she was measuring two weeks AHEAD. Out of nowhere. She had been consistently measured about 2-4 days behind (I ovulated a few days later than day 14 of my cycle, and I knew that), but having her jump TWO WEEKS ahead was a little scary. Specifically her head and belly were measuring of a 31 weeker and I was 29 weeks. That put her at the 90th percentile for her gestational age. Usually babies measuring in the 90th percentile are concerning for doctors (and can be a sign of gestational diabetes among other things). But I went in two weeks later and they went to check out her size, and she was down to the 78th percentile. Still a big girl by all means (I cringe) but not in a scary / concerning way. With Carter, he measured exact my entire pregnancy. He was always right in the 50% percentile for his size and measured to the day of my gestational age. I think I have one more bi weekly appointment and then I start going every week.

As for how I'm feeling, I'm a combination of terrified, anxious and so freakin excited. In just about 6 weeks I'll have a full-term baby. I really can't wait to meet her, but I have so much at work to catch up on and prepare for my three month absence that until that is squared away, I won't be able to relax. I'm worried she'll come before I'm finished here, but I know if that happens everything will find a way of working out just as it always does.



~Rian said...

Yay!! You are in the home stretch now. I know how excited and anxious you must be. I can't wait to see pictures of your little girl!

M. said...

this is really exciting!

Bianca Martino said...

You look beautiful lady! I gave you a blog award.....check out my latest post :)