Monday, April 9, 2012


 Our Easter was very low-key this year as my parents (and sister and brother) are all in Jamaica on a breathtaking tropical get-a-away. It was actually nice to follow some of our Easter traditions with my little trio. I'm also house-sitting for my parents but thankfully the Easter bunny found us and we had a really enjoyable Easter!

 It was nice to be able to use the "Easter bunny isn't going to come if you don't do such and such" as a bribe to get Carter to pick up his toys and behave all weekend. Don't all parents do that? Bribery is my favorite parenting tool.

After Carter opened his Easter basket, we all got ready in our Easter best and headed to brunch at a fancy country club (my parents and I go here every year for Easter brunch and my mom was nice enough to book us a reservation - already paid for - so we could continue the tradition). They also have an Easter egg hunt and petting zoo for the kids so Carter was psyched all morning. I mentioned the petting zoo part to him while we were getting ready and then next thing I know Carter wouldn't stop talking about how excited he was to go to the zoo. He wanted to see lions and jaguars (I don't know where he comes up with this stuff) and I kept trying to correct him that we weren't going to the zoo, but it was too late.

It ended up being a much smaller petting zoo than normal with a few bunnies, chickens, a goat and two lambs, but he still loved it.

Best picture of the day. 

30 weeks!

Later on we took my parents dogs to the dog park, and I cooked an Easter feast. I missed my family but it was also nice to spend the holiday with my little family.

By the way, all weekend Carter would not stop using the phrase "Oh my God." I guess there are worse phrases he could be repeating right now..