Saturday, April 7, 2012

Big Boy Room

I've officially finished Carter's big boy room. I'm happy with the way it turned out for the most part, and now I get to focus all of my energy on Olivia's nursery! Here are some pictures of the finished result (I actually broke out the DSLR for these; I know shocking).

Bedding and head board are from Amazon.

Letters from Carter's nursery (hand painted by me). Desk from Amazon. Toy box and shoe shelf from Target.

Shelf from Target.

Wallfry prints.

Andy's mini office is still in the room. We sectioned it off with these dividers from Amazon.

 He actually sleeps in here every single night and loves his room. Although, we've been house sitting this week and I'm a tad nervous because Carter has been sleeping with us because there isn't a convenient space for him to sleep him alone. I'm worried he'll get used to co-sleeping again and we'll have an adjustment problem when we go back home. We will see.

Happy Easter Weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

The room looks great!

Even when Gavin had his own bedroom, he would sometimes co-sleep with us while we were on vacation, if there wasn't enough room elsewhere in the house.

However, we would come back home and get right back into his routine with his own room. It usually worked out fine. Sometimes it may take a few days, but Carter will use his own bed. :)