Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A new baby!

One of my closest friends (Amy) had her baby boy last Friday! He is such a doll and I am so in love with him. Being at the hospital on Friday and getting caught up in the all the excitement of a new baby brought back so many memories of Carter's birth. I loved being on the other side of the equation; watching the new mom and dad in the hospital and visiting a teensy tiny little newborn that didn't belong to me.

Baby Liam and I (my friend Amy's new little boy!).

I didn't really have any friends who had children when Carter was born. I was the first one of my close group of girlfriends to have a child and I sort of just winged it. I probably didn't research things as much as I should have, and I didn't know that an entire world of amazing baby products existed outside of Babies-R-Us. I didn't have advice from friends or family, and I didn't know what to expect (as much as I thought I did).

Isn't he amazing?

Having been through it before, the loss, the TTC process - I find the whole birth experience so overwhelming and thrilling at the same time when I never would have before (as much). I would have been like "oh, here's your new baby, he's really cute!" And that'd be it. But I was just so excited I couldn't stand it. I was so overwhelmed and happy for the new mom and was flooded with emotions. Also, having a toddler who I find to be the most incredible little man in the entire world also makes me feel like I know what is in store for this little guy and his parents, and it just gets me so happy!

Hubby holding Liam. 
I literally can't stop thinking about meeting our baby girl in about two months. It's so close yet so far away and my thoughts have been consumed with her. I still have so much to finish at work and at home (THE NURSERY) and I'm sort of in shock this is really happening. Is it?

My mom offered to pay for another 3D ultrasound yesterday because she wanted to be there for it and also see the baby now that she's grown a bit more.

Ahhh, :).

I'll be 30 weeks Friday, 9 weeks to go (repeat c-section will be scheduled for 39 weeks)!