Monday, September 26, 2011



I've seen this on a few of blogs, and wanted to give it a whirl. :)

•If I were to get pregnant again: I would be so bummed. TOTALLY joking, if you read my blog at all you'd know I'd be ecstatic. We are working on it!

If I could have any job in the world: I'd be a TV and Film Producer, Actress, and Screenwriter.

•If I had a day to myself: Wow, the thought of an entire day to myself gets me salivating. Do I get an endless supply of money with it? I'd get pampered, nails, hair, massage, facial and then go see back-to-back movies all by myself. Oh and maybe take a nap and do some shopping, this is an extra long day too, right?

•If I could get married all over again: I'd do it differently - new dress, new location, and pony up ALL my money on an expensive photographer.

If I could live anywhere in the US I would live: In CA, or Mass, Vermont, or Upstate NY. Tough choice. Can I have houses in each state?

•If Carter would have been a girl he would have been named: Ava or Savannah (my top contenders at that time), but my baby girl name we've chosen for the future is Olivia. It was going to be baby girls name whom we lost in February, but we ended up naming her Rose. The only thing that bums me out is that Olivia is SO popular now-a-days. Andy is just so picky so it's hard to get him to agree upon names, but if I had my way, I'd probably name my future daughter Everly, but Andy has nixed it..

•If I could have any talent in the world: I'd love to be able to sing really, really well.

•If you met me in real life you would probably say: Well, I'd hope you'd say that I'm loving, kind, and have a big heart, and that I'm also super funny and ridiculously good looking, but I guess it would depend on the circumstances on how we meet. I think I make a decent first impression though..

•If I could go back to school: I'd study theatre and photography more.

•If money were not an object: We would buy our dream home with a huge backyard, I'd quit my job and write my screenplay and do a ton of extra work. I'd also try and make loads of babies and have a night nurse so I could handle it.

•If I could meet one celebrity I would probably want to meet: I've met a few celebrities, my favorite being Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake (the first and third have both hugged me at one point in their lives,), it's a nice memory, sigh. But if I could meet somebody else, I'd love to meet Oprah or Jennifer Aniston. But I want them to be my BFF 4 eva.

•If I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life: It would totally be Target, they have everything I need there!

•If I got a pet (or another pet) it would be: So no pets currently, and no current plans (my two year-old is enough), but someday when we have a yard and Carter is older, I'd love a nice sweet dog that doesn't shed too much, likes to cuddle and is nice to babies. Oh - and one I will not have to clean up after or spend lots of money on, and one who preferably does not go to the bathroom, ever. Ha.

•If I could go on a trip, RIGHT NOW, I'd go: To the new Disney resort in Hawaii, Aulani, it sounds amazing.

•If I had to chose between a house cleaner and a personal chef: I'd go with a full-time house cleaner. We are lucky to have a house cleaner twice a month but it's just not enough. With both of us working full-time and the rest of our time is spent on our son, it's amazing we are able to keep our house looking semi-livable most of the time.

If I had the option of plastic surgery I'd: I would consider getting a breast lift and small reduction, but I want to wait until I'm done having babies first.
If you do this too, link it up in the comments section. :)


Sarah said...

Hey! I really liked this! When the time comes that I get married I'm totally gonna focus some serious money on an amazing photographer. Its all about how the photographer captures the moments.

Michelle said...

Exactly! I wish I could have watched all my friends get married BEFORE me so I would have known more about how important it is to get amazing pictures. Sigh, at least you can do it right the first time!

April D said...

Hey cuz! Linking up with my answers! :-)

Anonymous said...

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