Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just some sweet moments captured via iPhone

All taken within the past week or two.

Carter and his birthday monkey given to him from our friend Laila.

Doggie jammies (aka Costco jammies!)

There he goes, telling me what to do again.

Just the cutest monster ever.

Lovely Saturday.

Bonding over breakfast with my love.

I'm in serious preparation mode for Carter's 2nd Birthday, it's a little more than a week away.
My cousin, his girlfriend, their 8 month-old son, my Aunt and my Nana will be in town from Massachusetts for the party. They happen to be in town the week of Carter's birthday all staying with my parents, they aren't flying out just for his birthday, but it's an added bonus. We're planning on going to Disneyland next week for a more personal celebration. I think Disneyland will be an entirely different experience now given his age and how much he's talking now. I can't wait to see his little face light up.

I'm shocked at how much he can say now, I can practically hold little conversations with him. We were asked the other day what words Carter can say now, and we sorta went, well what he doesn't say now might be a shorter list! He talks all the time. We also officially have a "time out" chair now. It's come to that. When he gets into trouble, I tell him to go sit in the time-out chair, and he goes. And then he pouts and asks me for a hug, so that's the point I cave and time-out ends. Sigh. I need to work on more than 1 minute time-outs, baby-steps people, baby-steps!

This weekend will be filled with cleaning and pampering to get ready for the visitors. Carter and I both need some serious hair maintenance.



Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see pictures from his birthday party! Please give Nana hugs for me, and enjoy the rest of this awesome month. :)