Tuesday, May 31, 2011

28th B-Day and Memorial Day Weekend!

The past four days have been a whirlwind. Not sure why I always do this to myself. I finally get a few days off of work with nothing scheduled and instead of using that time to kick-back, relax and rejuvinate myself, I go fill up that time with a million and one things to do leaving me utterly exhausted and on the verge of collapsing afterward. Whew. AND repeat. I never learn.

We made some great memories so that's all that counts, right? On Friday I went to Yamato with the family and some friends and had a nice little birthday dinner. And then afterward I got to open my presents and eat cupcakes from Sweet Arlene's. They were featured on the show "Cupcake Wars," and they were every bit as delicious as they looked:

oooh ahhhh

I definitely scored on the presents this year. I think I've scared Andy into permantely getting me really awesome gifts because he knows I'm not one to politely pretend I like something that he gets me when I don't. We've had many awkward special occassions end this way.

What kind of person does that? Me <------ this girl. I'm a winner. I really hope I don't pass that on to my son. I don't have patience for people like myself. Does that make sense?

Carter dressed to the nines for Mommy's Birthday

I'm in love with my new iPad that the hubby got me. Thanks babe! It's white and new and shiny and I like new shiny things. He wrapped it in a giant box within a box within a box, within a ... you get the idea. I literally had no idea what he could have possibly gotten me because the Britney concert tickets I bought myself were supposed to be my birthday present frthis year. I also recieved a bunch of other wonderful things from my friends and family, giftcards, make-up, a make-up chest, a Petunia Pickle Bottom Travel bag, new blow dryer, and a few other things. I went to bed one happy girl!

We woke up bright and early Saturday and drove off to Lego Land! I spent my actual birthday taking my son to a theme park geared for kids under 10. What was I thinking? But seriously it was a really fun day and I am the happiest when I get to see my little guy happy and live vicariously through him. That's why you have kids, right?

After LL, we headed to our hotel in downtown San Diego. Note to self, next time you book a hotel room stear clear of the "downtown." I am not the city girl I used to be and would have been much happier outside of the city or near the water. Driving around the city was a complete nightmare and we literally were lost every-time we left the hotel. Even with a GPS. How does anyone travel without a GPS these days? I get lost WITH it. My husband put it best on how the trip went - "get lost. eat. get lost. eat. sleep. repeat." We did have some delicious meals though. Probably the best part of our trip. Getting fatter. Joy.

My 2nd Birthday dinner with our little "trio" at the Yard House in San Diego (go THERE!)

The 2nd night we were so sick of driving around, getting lost and parking in the city, we plopped Carter in the stroller and headed off on foot to wherever the road took us. We ended up in the Little Italy section of Downtown, and stumbled into the first restaurant I saw that didn't look uber expensive or have more than a half hour wait. I peeked in and said "here," and had Andy put our name in. Little did I know we were about to have one of the most amazing dining experiences ever. It would be on my top ten dinner's ever list if I had one. The restaurant was called Little Italy Spaghetteria, they had a live Jazz band and the best Italian food I've ever had. Carter had so much fun rocking out to the music that he wasn't his usually fussy self, and we enjoyed some red wine and all was well in the world in that moment.

The next day we woke up bright and early again to get the heck out of dodge and head straight to my parents Memorial Day BBQ. After 3 hours (and we may or may not have fought during the car ride home about the stupidest thing ever) we finally arrived for some fun, sun and BBQ. It was a nice day, but I couldn't help but feel completely drained of every last ounce of energy I had so we left around 6ish.

*Note no veggies were eaten during the taking of this photo. Only dip.

I almost forgot to mention that we did take Carter to the movies for the very first time! We saw Rio (or at least an hour of it before he become antsy and wanted to move about the theatre). It wasn't cute or entertaining at all. Boo. Carter was more interested in the popcorn and candy and the mini cartoon they show in the beginning - he was in hysterics. Yay! And then the movie began and it did not make him laugh. Boo.

On another completely different note, I was super excited to TTC this cycle but something happened that may cause us to put our plans on hold for a bit. Nothing bad, just a kind of fun opportunity that may or may not play out and not sure if I can say anything so that is all I will say. I'm going to wait it out and see what happens.




Amy said...

I'm pretty sure you need to tell me this secret. Stat.

Glad you had a nice weekend! Did you know there are yard houses in LA as well? I've been to the one in Long Beach and downtown LA.