Thursday, May 19, 2011


That is Trying to Conceive After Miscarriage for all you non TTCer's. I'm a little scared that I'll have some difficulties getting pregnant after our miscarriage. Some women go on to have healthy babies right away, and others try for years and years (after having a successful pregnancy and miscarriage) and it just doesn't happen.

Sooooo, cycle #2 has ended in a big fat negative.

Not really surprised. I had ZERO symptoms as I did with both my previous pregnancies. And the girl pregnancy was completely different than my boy pregnancy. That kind of gives me some hope that I'll be able to tell right away when I am, and what gender I'm having. That's a little neat.

There is a positive to this negative - Laura's Wedding is this Saturday 05/21/11 (did you know the world is also supposed to end this day? That would really put a damper on the wedding), and I get to PARTAY. I can drink champagne to my hearts content and really enjoy her special day.

It's a whole weekend affair.

Thursday: Work + Spray Tan + Hair (highlights)
Friday: Work + Nails + Rehearsal & Rehearsal dinner + Sleep at the Hyatt w/ Bride.
Saturday: WEDDING! All day event.
Sunday: Champagne Brunch with Andy & Carter.

You can expect pictures galore to follow.


Amy said...

Can't wait to party with you!