Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lucky Me!

I've been feeling very grateful and positive lately. Life is too short to be anything but happy, and that has been really resonating with me. I have a hard time taking things too personally (like really way out there personally), and recently I've been able to remind myself that "it's not about me." It's not, really. You can only do so much to try and be a good person and if someone takes offense to something I did or is upset at me for godknowswhy, then it's their problem, not mine. I can only control my actions and reactions. I am the only one who can upset me, and I am the only one who can make me happy. Sometimes we all need a little kick in the butt to remind us, but if we are living, healthy, and surrounded by lots of friends and family who love us - we are already the luckiest people in the world!

When I was a child, I remember a friend once telling me I was "lucky" because I had parents who worked really, really hard and had a nice life and I got to be their daughter. Wow, me lucky? I really started to believe that I was just one of those *lucky* people because of it. When I wanted something, I believed with my every being that I was going to get it, because hey, I was lucky! And I usually did, so I believed it more. And then more people told me I was lucky, and I believed it more. To this day I am still told I'm a lucky person and I know luck has nothing to do with it.

Life doesn't go the way I want or I hope for all the time, and that's ok. I don't always get what I want. I wish I was a size 4. I wish I had a million dollars. I wish I was able to finish my screenplay and sell it for a million dollars. I wish I lived in a bigger house with a beautiful backyard that Carter can run around in. I wish I didn't lose my daughter. Some of these things I can control and others I can't, but I'm choosing to be grateful for what I do have and for the life I'm able to lead, and the amazing people I have in my life. I don't want to be remembered or thought of as an angry, ungrateful, or an unpleasant person to be around. I want to be thought of as a loving, giving, happy and positive person.

I've re-connected with some old friends recently. One friend in particular I was very close with when I was 9-12, and I used to always wonder how she was doing and how her life was going. Out of the blue, I messaged her on Facebook, and since then we've done several lunches and I no longer wonder about her. I made that step. I've done that a lot recently, reaching out to friends I had lost, or making that first step with someone or something new. It's amazing how far one step can take you.

Here is a little daily motivation for you:

21 Suggestions for Success by H. Jackson Brown:

1. Marry the right person. This one decision will determine 90% of your happiness or misery.

2. Work at something you enjoy and that's worthy of your time and talent.

3. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

4. Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know.

5. Be forgiving of yourself and others.

6. Be generous.

7. Have a grateful heart.

8. Persistence, persistence, persistence.

9. Discipline yourself to save money on even the most modest salary.

10. Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated.

11. Commit yourself to constant improvement.

12. Commit yourself to quality.

13. Understand that happiness is not based on possessions, power or prestige, but on relationships with people you love and respect.

14. Be loyal.

15. Be honest.

16. Be a self-starter.

17. Be decisive even if it means you'll sometimes be wrong.

18. Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for every area of your life.

19. Be bold and courageous. When you look back on your life, you'll regret the things you didn't do more than the ones you did.

20. Take good care of those you love.

21. Don't do anything that wouldn't make your Mom proud.

"Motivation is the fuel, necessary to keep the human engine running." Anonymous