Monday, May 23, 2011

Oooh, I NEED this bad.

Soo Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet is offering the most amazing giveaway, a photoshoot with Christina Heaston! I would love, love, love this.

When we were married, we were on a low budget because we decided to put our "wedding money" towards a down payment on our town house. So instead of using a professional photographer, we had a friend (who is actually a good amateur photographer and had a nice camera) do the pictures for us. She did a great job for not being a professional and at the time it was exactly what I wanted. In retrospect, after seeing all my friends get married and use the awesome photographers, I wish we splurged. It was our one day, and we'll never get that back so we should of had a professional do it.  There were a lot of shots missed, and I wasn't creative about anything (I was pregnant, I didn't care!).

We've had a rough year so far with losing our little Rose, and I want nothing more than to do some fun family portraits that I can proudly frame on our wall. This would really make me happy! Ok?

Pleasepickme. And my son is super adorable, so that's always a bonus, right??

The link to the giveaway is here:  Sometimes Sweet Giveaway Christina Heaston.

Wish me LUCK!