Friday, May 20, 2011

Laura's Wedding Eve!

Laura and I at her Bridal Shower, April 2011

Today is the Eve of Laura's Wedding! Tonight the festivities begin with the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and then off to the hotel where we stay.

I can't deny that I'm overly excited - I think more so than the bride! I've been friends with Laura for 13 years now and I am thrilled to share in her big day with her. It's been two years since my wedding so it's nice to re-live all the excitement and not have the stress that comes with being a bride. Haha.

Laura and I worked my our first jobs together at the Hamburger Hamlet, we both worked on the Moorpark College Newpaper editing staff, we were also roomies in San Francisco and we currently work together! She was a Bridesmaid in my wedding, was there for the birth of my son, I threw her engagement party, and now I get to be a Bridesmaid in her wedding!

At 16 years old, when Laura and I worked at Hamburger Hamlet together, a fellow co-worker asked us "Sooo are you guys like best friends forever and ever and ever and ever?? Like one of those?" And it's been a joke ever since.

Congratulations on your wedding to my best friend 4 ever and ever and ever!

Laura and Scott, May 21st, 2011


Amy said...

Yay! So exciting!