Friday, May 27, 2011

Today I love ..

  • This new site that I keep hearing about Hello Giggles. It was created by fun females (including Zooey Deschanel who I love) as an "ultimate entertainment destination for smart, independent, and creative females." Um, hello, ME! Or at least what I pretend to be. Ha.
  • This picture on negativity and how it affects us. Found here.
  • Pinterest! I can't wait until I can get a free couple of hours and can pin some more. I've already started an idea board for Carter's 2nd Birthday. Amy (over at Dandelion Paperweight) whom I adore and is one of my closest friends IRL, sent me the cutest idea for a Monster Themed Birthday and I really, really want to use it. After thinking about it though, Carter is just obsessed with all things Mickey Mouse and we might go with it because its more 2 year-old appropriate it. I don't think we can get away with doing a Mickey Mouse theme party when he's older and since he is still baby-ish, we might as well do something baby-ish. I definitely want to use the Monster idea another year, if Amy doesn't use it first. :)
  • My Birthday! I love Birthdays, although I'm sure I won't always. 28 is my absolute favorite number (it's lucky too!) and I'm turning 28 this year. I have a bunch of celebrations planned and I also am going away for two nights with my boys. I *know* this is going to be a good year for me. It's my one chance at 28, let's make it awesome please.
That's all for now, I know there is a whole lot more I love right now but work calls!