Thursday, May 5, 2011

Heels & Babies

I'm trying to FINALLY take the plunge and learn how to wear heels. It definitely takes some practice and as I advance more professionally, it's a necessity. I don't think I can get away with wearing dressy flip flops anymore at business meetings. It's just not working.

How does a 27 year old woman living in Southern California not know how to wear heels? I can't answer that. I live in sandals and heels always have terrified me. I'm also overweight and I didn't think I could pull it off, but I need to lose that mentality (and a little weight, I get it).

I bought a cute pair of Steve Madden pumps for $20 on clearance at TJ Maxx. They are REAL heels. Not the 1 inch fake ones I also try and get away with. I need to wear cute black heels for my best friend Laura's wedding a week from Saturday and I thought these would be perfect.

^Similiar to these^

I tested them out yesterday and I thought I did pretty well except for the occasional stumble (which after having a few glasses of wine at Ladies Night kinda made it seem like I was wasted because I couldn't walk properly and I kept having to tell people "IT'S THE SHOES! I'm not a drunk.")

But I'm quite proud of myself. I think I can pull them off for the wedding and I seriously hope I can walk down the isle without tripping or stumbling.

On the TTC front, we *tried* for this first time this cycle by following the shettles method (to try for a girl). I don't know why because I'm really starting to love the idea of having two boys. I love my little boy and I can picture myself with an all boy family and I'm kinda digging it. Either way I'll be thrilled just to have a healthy pregnancy that ends in a healthy baby. On one hand I would love to get pregnant this cycle and have an Aquarius baby, but on the other I could use more time emotionally and physically. If it happened this month, I would be pregnant when my former due date came around and that would make the day much easier to deal with.

I have a super busy few months ahead but I'm hoping I can make more time to blog regularly this summer.


Amy said...

Cute shoes!! I never wear heels to work. If I have to be extra fancy for a parent night or whatever I will wear ballet flats all day and then chenge into the heels just for the meeting. I'm on my feet way too much for heels!