Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Christmas Tree Lighting at the Promenade

We had an amazing time at the Promenade's Christmas Tree lighting. I was so elated that I won, and everyone at the Promenade and Caruso Management was so kind to us and made it a very memorable evening. I brought Roxanne and my sister along with Andy, Carter and I to our free dinner at Marmalade Cafe. We could spend up to $150, but we only spent $120. It was a wonderful holiday dinner even though they were incredibly busy. I had Chicken Meatloaf which sounds totally odd, but it was actually really tasty.

After dinner, Roxanne and Nichole left and my mom and Grandmother from Massachusetts met us and we got our 4 VIP Wrist Bands for our seats. There was this stage set-up and room for kids to sit down, and then maybe 5 or so rows of seats. They had our seats right in front, blocked off with my name on it as reserved. I felt pretty special! There were gates around the event and most people weren't allowed in and watched from the outside. My Grandmother thought we were going to this ordinary tree lighting, she didn't know it was a big to-do. They had a little play with music from different centuries and then Santa came out at the end. Carter was super tired but he fought to watch every minute of it. At the end, they did a countdown and the tree was lit, and then fireworks went off. The whole show was pretty amazing and we'll be making it a family tradition for years to come. I'm glad I got to take my mom and Grandma as I know it'll be a memory for us for years to come!

Tonight we're heading to my parents for a big Sunday night dinner that I am preparing for my nannies and family. I'm looking forward to a short lovely week, and then a nice 4 day weekend with my extended family. I'm feeling the love all!!

Happy Weekend, and Happy Week!



Toni said...

wow, what a great time!

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