Monday, November 1, 2010


Happy Halloween!!!

We had a wonderful 1st Halloween for Carter. Ok, well not exactly his first. Last year he was 1 month old and we went to a Halloween party at my parents house. This was his FIRST Halloween Trick Or Treating and really getting into Halloween spirit. It was a nice relaxing day after the craziness of last week. I made some pumpkin rolls (not sure if I would make them again, they were ok, not amazing). I squeezed in a cardio class, then went to my parent's house where I cooked my Roast Chicken, helped with the mashed potatoes, my dad made Chateubriand with bernaise sauce and my mom cooked roasted brussel sprouts and carrots. I topped my whole plate off with some delish gravy I made, and my oh my. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. It's one of my favorite meals.

Then we headed to Amy's house for some trick, treating and treats. She had such a cute Halloween display out. I think Carter thought Trick or Treating was...interesting. I know he was having fun, but more like what the hell are we doing Mom? And why are these strangers giving me candy. I hope he doesn't think he can get candy from strangers ALL the time. Oh geez. He was in a slightly bratty mood because he didn't get his full late afternoon nap, so he was a mix of tired and on a sugar high.

He got very protective of his candy and his candy bucket and refused to let me hold it. He threw a tantrum or two when I tried to carry it for him as it got heavy. Man, trick or treating was a work-out in itself. We practically had to carry him to each door, and if we did set him down it was chase chase chase. But he seemed to get a kick out of it and we did too. We made sure he picked out all the good candy for mommy & daddy. We did let him have a few pieces.

He actually got into his candy after work today and I thought he'd be fine but I think the sugar is just starting to kick in. When my parents used to tell me I'd be bouncing off the walls if I ate sugar, I never really fully believed them. Now I do. I just returned from my Pilates Cardio Class (I know, two days in a row, right? Yay me!) And Carter is literally BOUNCING around. As I type this he is humming and JUMPING all over me and is laughing at practically nothing. Right now its really cute and amusing, but in another 10 minutes it ain't gonna be so cute anymore.

Work is getting better, I'm still not caught up, but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just need to get plugging away and knocking things off my list one by one.

Tomorrow I NEED to get my list done. NEED TO. I need some wonder woman power or something. I hope I can get to work ON TIME, and manage to get some voting in.
Tomorrow is Election DAY! Go Meg Whitman!!

Ok, here are some lovely pictures of Carter's Halloween Adventures:

Daddy and Carter. I think Daddy is a Beatle?
Or Daddy wearing a wig. Cute.
Carter grabbing some candy at his very first house of the night!
My lovely little fam. I was a bumble bee. buzzzzzzzzz.
Carter and one of his favorite people, GrandPAPA!
My little Yoda and I.

Amy's Halloween table!!
So cute and the caramel apples were amazing!!!!
Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!
Xoxo, Michelle


Amy said...

thanks for coming!!!