Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gobble, Gobble

My homemade Pecan & Apple Pie along with a not-so-homemade Pumpkin Pie.

And Gobble Gobble is what we did! We had another wonderful family Thanksgiving. I was so grateful to be able to spend it with my family, both of my grandmothers, my Aunt, my cousin Angel and Roxanne (and Crystal & Megan). I cooked half the meal and the desserts along with my father who did the other half. It was YUM as usual. I love spending time with my family and I love this FOUR DAY weekend. Being a full-time working Momma is NOT easy my friends. And being able to spend time with my family, and spend every minute with Carter, and do as I please is absolutely priceless.

Love this face Carter makes. Mischievous face.

Our spread (some of it!)

Our gorgeous dining table set-up.

Carter is seriously becoming his own little person and I'm loving every second of it. He is actually super funny and has a quirky little sense of humor. It's sad because I'm feeling like I no longer have a little baby; my baby is a toddler and I don't know when that happened. He makes raspberries when he puts something in his mouth he doesn't like, and he insists on being independent and feeding himself with his own spoon, among other things. He's only 14 month's old! I think he wants a sibling, it's time. :) Uh oh.

Carter's dinner!

And now it's officially CHRISTMAS-time. I ordered our Holiday Cards last night. The air is fresh, there are dozen's of Christmas movies on TV (not to mention Falalala Lifetime, which I'm watching now!), lights are getting put up, money is being spent. I love this time of year, it is my absolute favorite time. I literally count down the days to Christmas all year, and I'm treasuring every moment.

This year, I'm Thankful for the following:

My lovely absolutely adorable husband who loves me unconditionally no matter how crazy I get.

My beautifully sweet baby boy Carter. You are the reason I am on this earth and I know for certain I was destined to be your mother and you my baby.

My parents and siblings. You are the essence of who I am and thank you for always being there for me. I love that we are so close, and couldn't have asked for a better back-bone.

My friends. Especially my wonderful close group of girlfriends who I adore and look-up to.

I have to give a special thanks to Roxanne for being such a big part of my son's life.

My job, my home, my health, and my extended family. I am so thankful for everything that I have.

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

With love and gratitude,


Another face of Carter's I'm lovin.