Saturday, November 13, 2010

What to do: Christmas Card Picture

I'm trying to decide what to do for our Christmas Card picture this year. We always use Shutterfly to create our cards. Usually it's a last minute picture thrown on a card, or we'll take some family pictures at Thanksgiving (like last year). I really want something fall-ish, with pretty leaves and tree's. We went to Underwood Family Farms on Saturday and got some pretty pictures, but I'm still thinking of something a little more holiday-ish. Andy wants to get a pretty wreath for our door and stand in front of it. Cute. But not totally sure I want to go that route. We'll see.

For an additional .99 cents a card Shutterfly will address, stamp and mail them for you. I had them do that for Carter's 1st Birthday Invites and I'm thinking we might do that again. It's about .50 cents more per card (after subtracting postage) even though we're really trying hard to save money, I think its worth it. Depends on how many we send. I think I want to incorporate a story or letter in our card this year, and Shutterfly has these new story cards that I love. Here is a link to all of their photo holiday cards this year: Shutterfly Holiday Cards. They also have Hanukkah cards too: Hanukkah Cards.

It's super easy, upload your pictures here: Picture Upload.

And then create you card!! I love the stamp and mail option as a busy mom. They have all of my addresses stored and I click and hit send. Not much work on my end.

The Shutterfly cards I'm eyeing right now are:

Merry Bright Wishes Christmas Card (I liked how bright and happy this one was. If we decided to do a collage, I'd probably go this route)

Christmas Story Card (I would loove to be able to write about our 1st year with Car)

Merry and Bright Card (This one totally caught my eye)

So we have a lot of options here.. We're still looking. I think it depends on what picture we like and what card goes best with it. I'm obsessed with everything Christmas and am already making my Christmas wish list. I can't wait to see Carter on Christmas morning. Last year he was 3 months old and not much fun. This year will be entirely differen't.

I'm excited about our Holiday Cards and will show off the final result after they've been mailed to all my friends and family.
Hey Bloggers! Shutterfly will give you 50 FREE Holiday Cards, click here:
Thanks Shutterfly! Another reason why I use them all the time; they are kind to bloggers. :)
Xoxo, Michelle