Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Morning Heaven

This is what I'm in right now. We bought Netflix for our playstation 3. We can download unlimited movies and tv shows instantly for $8.99 a month. Amazing! Carter is watching Monsters Inc and I'm prepping myself for the day. I should also mention that Carter is eating paper right now. It's amazing how fast such a small little person can destroy your house. We cleaned last night so we could enjoy a clean house for the weekend, and Carter has already destroyed it. Roxanne just tried to fish paper out of Carter's mouth and he bit her finger, hard.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone!!

WEEKEND GOALS: Sell some our washer / dryer and other old electronics on craigslist and get into the office and the gym. And do laundry and meal plan for the next week, and hit the farmers market and grocery store. :)

Here's my little monkey watch Monsters Inc while scaling furniture. The usual.


Laura said...

Those pics of Carter are SO funny! He's adorable.