Thursday, November 11, 2010

Picture Thursday!

I just made-up picture Thursday, but maybe it'll be a tradition?

I got nuthin tonight. Andy and I have been taking separate cars to work (we work at the same office) so I can stay late and play catch-up every night. I no longer have to leave in the middle of some uber important work just because the clock strikes 5pm. I can stay as long as my sanity will take (which is usually an additional 30 - 60 minutes max). But the little extra time is helping me play catch-up so I'm not feeling so out of control and anxious. I'm also going to start taking some meds again (a mild anti-depressent or mood stabilizer) not sure which route to take to help me with my stress even though I am not depressed.

Ana comes tomorrow - as in Ana our cleaning lady and I couldn't be happier. Our house needs some lovin'. And tomorrow is Friday. I'm looking forward to another weekend with my little family as always. It looks like we'll be giving up Carter's nursery for 6 month's or so and we'll be letting my sister Nichole move in for a bit. She's sick of living with my parents; has the money to live on her own, but she just doesn't want to live alone. Carter doesn't use his room, like at all, so its a small sacrifice and she'll be paying us rent which we could totally use. And it'll be fun to have her around for a bit. I figure when she move's out, I'll re-decorate Carter's room which is something I've been wanting to do for a while anyway.

Now on to my "Picture Thursday!" I made spaghetti tonight and played around with my camera. I also tested out a new shirt I got for Carter as a possible Christmas card picture shirt / Thanksgiving dinner shirt. Enjoy!!

(These we're all taken tonight within the past 3 hours)


Susan said...

Love the pics and the blog. Makes me feel like I'm getting a glimpse of your life. love auntie sue

Gale said...

You should send his pics into an Agent. Giovanni could probably drop them upstairs at the Casting Directors office in the Studio. I have spare time now and would be happy to take him to auditions. So cute, btw Niki needs to take her dogs with her. If she moves they go that's the deal we made.

MICHELLE said...

Thanks! @ Auntie Sue, this is exactly why I started a blog. One to remember my life myself, and two for my family and friends to stay connected to Car.