Sunday, November 7, 2010

Roast Chicken Love

So I am whipping up my favorite Sunday Night dinner; Roast Chicken with roasted veggies and potatoes. I usually switch it up every time I make it. Sometimes I roast the chicken alone and roast the veggies in a separate pan and make some mashed potatoes, but tonight I'm roasting the chicken and the veggies, golden potatoes all in one pan. I alter the recipe based on the ingredients I have, but here is tonights recipe:

Pre-heat oven to 425 degree's
Peel and Chop Carrots, Potatoes, a fennel bulb, one yellow onion and set aside. (I also used the bulbs of some green onions I had, chopped and tossed in).

Rinse and pat dry one small roasting chicken (remove giblets and toss, ew)
Put the chicken in a medium roasting pan and toss veggies all around
Cut one lemon in half and squeeze on the chicken, and stuff the lemon inside
You can also slice up another lemon and toss with the veggies or put on top of the chicken
Soften two tablespoons of butter and rub all over the top of the chicken
Liberally salt and pepper the chicken and veggies
Chop some garlic and toss in with the veggies and toss a few cloves of garlic inside chicken
Stuff some of the onion and fennel from the pan in the chicken
Chop some Rosemary (or any fresh herb you have, I also love using thyme) and sprinkle on the chicken
Stuff a few sprigs of the Rosemary inside the chicken
Season with any other poultry seasonings you like and veggies too

Drizzle everything with olive oil
Finish the pan off with 1 cup of chicken broth to keep the chicken moist
Bake for 1 and a half hours or until done

And then have your cute husband carve the chicken. Always helps the meal taste better.
Ignore the paper plates. It was one of those nights.

I like to baste the chicken a few times through-out the cooking time with the chicken broth in the pan to keep everything moist. You can drain the drippings and use for a chicken gravy, yum yum. I usually serve crescent rolls with this meal. Tonight I also made a Cranberry Apple Chutney for the side. If you're interested, use a cup of cranberries, 1 apple finely diced and cook on the stove with 1/2 cup of water and 1/4 cup of sugar. I also added 1 half of lemon juice, and the zest of the lemon. Cooked on medium heat, then simmered for about 20 minutes. Went perfect with this meal!

I loooove to cook. I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and getting in the kitchen and cooking my stressors away. It's my therapy after a long day of work, I look forward to getting in the kitchen. I'm hoping to share more recipes with you in the future.

Our roasted veggies once I put in a serving dish. They were perfect!

This was a perfect fall meal and felt like the holidays were near. It helped that I was listening to Christmas music. Can't wait to pull out the decorations. I'm a sucker for the holidays!

Roxanne and Carter after dinner. :)

Hope you enjoy this meal as much as we will.

Here's to another rewarding yet busy week ahead of me. Goodbye weekend!



P.S. This is Carter yesterday enjoying his weekend with Mom, Dad and Rock.


Amy said...

I still haven't tried your recipe... I'm intimidated by the whole chicken!

Maybe next Sunday I'll give it a whirl...