Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dear Carter

Around 13 1/2 months ago before I went to the hospital to have my little one, I wanted to write a letter to my unborn child telling him the hopes and dreams I have for him in his life. Well, it was a wonderful idea but I got too busy in the crazyness that is having your first child and it never happened. I like to believe nothing is ever too late to do so here goes:

Dear Carter,

I'm hoping one day to share this to you when you are old enough to understand what it means. I want you to know how much you were loved when you came into this world, and how much your father and I adored you. We were so excited to meet you and get to know you and watch you become a little man. You are the spitting image of your father, but are your mother. You are loud, determined, funny, curious, energetic, bossy and demanding. Just like your Mommy. I could never know a 1 year old could be all of those things, and you are. I love you more than you will ever know, until you have children of your own someday. These are my hopes for your future:

I want you to live your best life. I hope your life is full of laughter, and love, and dreams. I hope you remember to share, and be compassionate to others. Always give, and take when appropriate, but remember to give first. Dream big and often. You can do whatever you want to do; you are as capable as your drive to do it.

Love as much as possible, there is no such thing as too much love. Do well in school and it will take you far. Don't worry about the small things, or what people think of you. What they think of you is none of your business and in the long run, it does not matter even when it seems like it does.

Follow your heart at all times. What you put out into the Universe you will get back.

Stick by your family because in the end, they matter the most. I can't promise you life will be easy. It won't be. There will be times you'll be sad, angry, frustrated, hurt, annoyed, but it will always pass even when it feels like it won't. I hope those moments are few and far between.

Your attitude and thoughts will change your life so think as if you've already won the prize.

Take care of yourself and treat your body with respect. You only get one. Your Mom and your Dad are always here for you, always. And we will always love you no matter what path your life may take. And don't be afraid to talk to Mommy about anything because at one point I might have felt or thought the same thing. We were your age once too.

Be polite and respectful to others.

When you're angry sometimes its best to not say anything at all. Be passionate about everything you do even if its just cooking dinner. Food always tastes better when its cooked with love. And you're never too old to want your Mommy.

Carter I love you with all my heart. No matter how old you get, or who you become, you'll always be my baby and I'll always be your Mommy. I can't wait to watch you become the person you are and I will support you every step of the way.

I love you.



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Beautiful pics and letter.

Gale said...

I feel the same way about you as you do Carter. I'm very proud of you.