Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Teeth Brushing

After our every-other-night bath routine, I wrestle with Carter to get his diaper and jammies on. He likes to break free and climb all over the bed to get away from me because he thinks it's a game. I don't think it's a game and usually give him the 'I'm not amused' look while he hides his naked body under our covers.

Carter also likes the taste of toothpaste (especially mommy and daddy's toothpaste - long story but he got into ours one day and it almost resulted in a call to poison control). So I usually give him his toothbrush with his Nemo toothpaste to amuse him while I quickly try and change him before he flees.

And this is what he looks like when he brushes his teeth:

He's very good at it although I give his teeth a good brushing myself to make sure he gets to every tooth. He just likes the taste of toothpaste, and it's safe for him to digest this kind so whatever works, right?

And yes my son uses an electric bright pink Dora the Explorer toothbrush. That's how he rolls.

Daddy is putting him down for bed with kisses and a teddy bear that represents "mommy" and one for "daddy." And then I read him 'Good Night Moon' while he's in his crib. If I put him on my lap, he'll let me read one page and then get up to change books. Oh great, he has my attention span, or worse, my mothers! That can get quite annoying so now I read to him in his crib.

Do you have a nightly routine?

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~R said...

Our bedtime routine involves her getting a sippy cup with ice water in it, her blanket and laying in her crib watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She is a little spoiled! lol

PS. I love the letters on Carter's wall!!

ohio dentist said...

It's a good training for her hygiene. You are a good parents.