Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless(ish) Wednesday: i have an old baby


Carter is 23 months-old today! Yes I am one of those parents who remembers exactly how many months-old my kid is (past 12 months). When I'm asked "how old is he" on a daily basis by strangers, I reply "almost two." And soon it'll just be "two." Excuse me while I go cry...

Getting his face painted at the fair

Love this one. I wish my mom didn't have her iPhone in his face.

I remember after Carter was born I yearned for the day he could walk, talk, be funny, tell me what he likes and dislikes, give kisses, hugs, and for when I could take him out into the world to do fun things that he would actually appreciate. And now all I want is my itty bitty baby back. I want my baby back baby back baby back, Chili's baby back ribs...Okay, couldn't help myself.

He reminds me of Alfafa here. I love my little dorkis.

This is what pure happiness looks like folks.

He IS pretty awesome at this age. It blows my mind that he uses actual sentences now. For example, he'll find my phone and go to hand it to me and say "here's your phone." And I'll go "great..thanks." Wait, wtf?  He says so many new words on a daily basis that I'm continually surprised by him. He still doesn't have the counting thing down even though I practice with him everyday. I think deep down he knows how to count to 5, but he is SO stubborn and won't do something if I ask him to. He does throw trash in the trash can when I ask. He thinks it's fun. Anytime I need something thrown away, I ask Carter to do it for me, and he obliges. He's like my own little personal assistant in training. Kidding! But really it's kind of neat.

My boy and I. I can't believe I had hoped for a girl first, little boys are amazing.

This is turning into many more words than I anticipated. I'm going to treasure this last month where I can still say I have a one year-old. Coming up next month is the big T-W-O birthday bash. I hope it turns out to be everything I want it to be and then some. Well, I mean for Carter. The party is all for him, right? Who I am kidding, it's all for me!

This is what it looks like when Daddy gets Carter ready for bed.


Jess@Drops of Motherhood said...

Too cute. He is certainly adorable. :) It's crazy that Carter & Hayden are 3 months apart. Maybe someday they will meet. =p