Monday, August 29, 2011

I want to be a better photographer

Really, I do. I wish I absorbed more in the 4+ photography classes I've taken in my lifetime, but I didn't. I'm happy that I'm finally taking the time to learn and grow my hobby. I'm not looking to be a professional, but I want to take pictures like a professional. My next step is purchasing Photoshop. As much as I love Lightroom, it just doesn't compare to Photoshop at all. I'm hoping I can swing that purchase in the next few week. I'd like to take another Photoshop class to refresh my memory too.

I'm also hoping to upgrade my DSLR in the coming year to something a bit more advanced. Any recommendations? I'm toying with switching to Nikon, although I do love my precious Canon.
For now, I'm just practicing, practicing, practicing. I miss the days when Carter was an immobile subject. Nowadays, I can't get him to sit still, let alone look at the camera, or (gasp) smile. I really want to practice on someone or something that I can get to sit still. Any volunteers?

In any case, I snapped a few pictures this weekend during the 10 minute window I spent outdoors because it was so insanely hot and humid, here you are:

This one is my favorite from August for The Paper Mama challenge this week.

The Paper Mama

Not a smile, but at least he is looking up in the general direction of the camera (this is a rarity!).

Sigh. Love.


~R said...

I think you show great skills. Photoshop is WONDERFUL!!! I think it can take a great photo to exceptional. I love using it with my photography. I honestly have never taken classes. For Photoshop I have just watched tutorials online and they help so much. I hope you are able to get a new camera and photoshop soon! :)