Thursday, August 4, 2011

PLM Things I love Thursday..

(PLM = Pretty Little Momma)

Here are somethings I love this week:

This one is my favorite. No is the only word that comes to mind.

  • This picture:  

I'm getting tired of whiney drama. 
At some point you just need to be an adult.

  • Okay, I'm totally guilty of asking this question.

  • My new favorite show:

  • This really adorable headband from esty seller lovestitched found here:
It's been sitting in my etsy cart for two weeks. Give me the strength to buy it AND wear it.

  • I love this adorable Mickey Mouse printable from esty seller Shindigparties from here:

    This is a definite buy.

  • And my new favorite blog find this week is:  the wiegand's. They are the most adorable family I've ever seen, and momma Casey just found out she is expecting #3! Love this blog.


Anonymous said...

*Love* the useless parenting question. Because Gavin is an only (for now), the answer is usually, "I didn't do it. The bears did it." :D