Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Update. 3 dpo.

Is it just me or are the days getting longer and longer in between cycles? As soon as it's time to try again it feels like years before we can actually try and then a few more years before we can actually find out. I'm charting, testing, temping, symptom checking, obsessing. I'm losing focus on what is present and happening right now. My job, my son, my husband, my family, my friends - everything. I wish I could focus on today and not what if. And not when. It's frustrating because I just want to do something, do anything, so I can feel like I am moving forward and progressing. It's hard to wait. It's hard to not have any control.

That being said, I'm still hopeful for this month. Want to see my finished OPK "project"?

I did test the days following my positive but this will do.

I'm so glad I actually used OPK's this month because I found out that I ovulated three days after the date I originally thought I did. If this was happening in the other months we could have totally been missing our O. So I'm hopeful this month. The August 7th test date will have to be changed to August 10th. Which is one week from today. One week. Considering AF is due August 12th, I should just hold off until the 13th so I don't have to waste one minute scrunitizing a test or wondering what if. But I just don't know if I'll be strong enough.

I did have a ton of cramping today. So much so that if it were one week from today I'd be sure AF is showing. I'm not sure if that's a good sign or not. I can't find much online about cramping at 3 DPO. I just hope it's not O pain and my body is just out of whack.

Andy is sure he got my pregnant this month because of all the baby dancing that has been going on. Ha. Men. If it were only that simple.

Okay, I feel like I've shared too much information so I'm going now.

Send some baby dust my way please!


Anonymous said...

*sprinkles your blog with baby dust*

I have tons of it from all the nifty baby stuff I found at the thrift store today! ^.^

(Counting my eggs? No. But it doesn't hurt to pick up good stuff, cheap, right?)

Baby or Bust said...

Thinking of you during the wait and hoping Andy is right! It's so tough, but hang in there!