Monday, August 15, 2011

A Day in the Life..

Here is a glimpse of a day in my life in words and pictures.

Wednesday, August 10th 2011

6:15am: Rise & Shine, alarm goes off. Take my temperature and log it from my phone. Check FB and emails while in bed.

6:30am: Quick shower, dress and make-up

7:05am: Kiss my boys goodbye and I'm off to work

View from my car on my way to work. I usually see a TON of bicyclists in the morning.
I hate when bicyclists act like they are cars. I've flipped them off waved to them on many occasions.

Time in my car.
I don't have to be at work until 8:00am, but I've been so busy lately that I try to get in earlier when I can.
Go me!

It's a pretty 8-10 minute drive.

First thing I see when walking in. That's the top of my sister Kat's head.

My office. Where the magic happens people.

My sticky note jungle of reminders.

An empty office, I'm the 2nd person to arrive besides Kat.

View of the pretty lake which can be seen from my office.

COFFEE time. The thought of coffee gets me to work early.

Somebody main line it to me please!

Two vanilla creamers, no sugar. I only do 1/2 a cup while TTC.

Checking my emails.
Work from 8:00am - 11:30am.

Kat wants to go to lunch but needs to stop at Best Buy first so I go with.

Lunch at El Torrito. I haven't eaten here in years.

That's ME!

My lunch, some sort of chicken taco thing, so yummy.

12:45pm: back to work! Have you seen my mouse pad?!

View from my desk. Yes we all have two screens.
We are paperless, two is a necessity!

One of the many pictures in my office. <3

Doing a quick chart update on FF.
Work from 1:00pm-4:45pm

4:45pm - leave work to pick up Carter, I have no pictures of this, sorry!
5:30pm - Get home, cleaning lady is still cleaning
(Yes, I have a cleaning lady twice a month, it's also a necessity!)
6:00pm - Decide to go out for dinner as we feel awkward with the cleaning lady still there.

Decided on Claim Jumper and then find out 15% of our meal proceeds benefit the Agoura Animal Shelter. No longer feel guilty for going out to eat.

Carter drawing, his favorite thing to do.

Sharing a dessert with Daddy.

7:30pm: Decide to stay and play a bit on the playground.


We watch the sun go down behind the water.

8:15pm: Home, getting ready for bed.
A picture on Carter's wall that my mother-in-law
had drawn for Carter.

8:30pm: Bed time. Carter and his night time bottle of soy milk.
(Sept. 1st and night time bottles will be gone forever!)

Night, night Carter!
8:45pm - 10:00pm: Andy and I watch TV together or do some work online.
10:00pm: Sleep
12:30am: Carter awakes and begins to cry, and I sleepily bring him into our bed (mommy fail).

That's a typical day except for the going out to dinner part. We normally stay in and cook as much as possible during the week.
Also, the Necklace Giveaway Winner will be announced later today! So busy!


Kate said...

I'm an avid reader of your blog, and it immensely as I love reading of smart women tackling & balancing motherhood and life.

But do I want to pop up and speak up for cyclists... According to many state laws, including CA, bicycles are legally considered vehicles.They act like vehicles because they are.

Michelle said...

Thanks for reading Kate! The cyclists around here can be very obnoxious, I see as many as 30 on a single trip to work! And a lot of them refuse to use the bike lane. I've almost gotten into an accident over one. I know the state law, but it doesn't mean I have to like them or agree with it. :)