Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TTC Readings

I need something to amuse myself during this horrid two week-wait, right?

Last week I read about Eternity Tarot Card Readings and decided to give it a go. They were doing free readings but it got out of hand and they couldn't keep up so they decided to charge $5. I'm kinda thankful because they were running 60 days behind on the free readings, and after I paid my $5, I had a reading done in three days. I'm not very patient so that works for me. They also do pregnancy readings if you are currently expecting and are into that.

Here is the reading I recieved last night:

Hello Michelle,

Thank you for allowing me to connect with your energies. I am about to look at your cards in regards to your TTC journey. I hope they resonate well to you.

As I tune into you, I'm seeing a lot of walls that you have built up as a result of some rough things that have happened to you. Something has happened to you that has messed with your ability to feel secure and now you feel a bit unstable. I'm seeing a bit of pain and anxiety through your TTC process thus far. You are being asked by the cards to break down these walls you have put up. Once you do this, you can free yourself from this pain. It will be a difficult and painful process, but I assure you, Michelle, it will free you and will be worth it in the end.

I'm seeing that this journey of moving forward involves leaving something behind, and that this is very hard for you. However, I see that you are headed towards a much better position in your life. I see you dwelling on the past quite a bit, and this is exactly what the cards are asking you to stop doing. The more you let go of the past, the better you will be able to move forward. I see some depression and fatigue for you. You are getting by, but only by just a bit. You need to help yourself, and make these changes in your life to better YOU. I am also now sensing that something is a little out of balance. Have you been to the doctor and gotten tests done? I'm seeing a lot of stress and tension in your life as a result of this imbalance.
In regards to the baby who is waiting to make you a mother, I am picking up on a BOY connected to the months of JULY/AUGUST. This could be conception, birth or BFP timing. The number 6 repeats throughout your spread so keep your eyes open to see if this applies to conception dates, testing dates or due dates.Your son tells me that he has tried to come to you before, but indicates that if he had, something would have been thrown off in your life. Your son is very sensitive and I am picking up on an old soul. He is very loving and is a good listener. He is always calm in crisis and always willing to help. I see him doing something in the field of law or medicine. He is very intelligent. You will find him to be the peace maker in your house. He really does love to take care of people.
In regards to your pregnancy, I'm seeing a doctor. This could mean that you will need a doctor's help in getting pregnant, or that you will need to see a doctor more often when you are pregnant. I'm seeing you really wanting to do things the same way you did them for your last pregnancy and having a trouble dealing with any sort of change. You expect and want things to go the same way. I also see your child acting out a bit while you are pregnant. This will cause a little bit of a headache for you.
When I turn my attention to other children, I'm seeing another boy coming your way after this boy. He is associated with the season of Autumn, but keep in mind that the further away an event is, the less accurate the cards become.
I hope you enjoyed your reading. Feel free to email me with feedback or questions by putting REPLY KIMBERLY in the subject. Please keep me posted on your journey. I always love hearing about pregnancy from my clients, whether or not it happens as the cards predicted. I wish you all the best in your journey.

<3 Kimberly

Wishing you love and light!

Eternity Tarot Readings

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And here is my reading from Cheri22 that I had done in July:

BOY - AUGUST so this is either birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in

When it comes to your son, hes someone who is always going to be kind. he tries to say the right thing. Hes always the type of person w ho is always going to expect good things to happen and will always work towards that. Not wanting to disappoint anyone, often agrees to more things that he can handle. I think that you will find him to slow it down a bit, and then realizes how to make things more organized. Hes someone who is often going to see the good in people and an excellent judge of character. Often surrounding himself with like minded people. Always the one that has a few best friends (both male and female). I am seeing him as someone who is not afraid to try something and find out later it sucks. Often able to laugh at his own mistakes as he learns what he wants out of life.

When it comes to your son, I am seeing him as someone who tries hard, is someone who is often very observant and really does understand what is expected from him. He is always trying to live up to the expectations that not only are put on him, but ones that he puts on himself. You will find him to always enjoy meeting new people. Hes calm mannered person and willing to give everyone a chance. I would consider him to be someone who is motivated and wanting others to see what they are capable of. The one that people seem to turn to when they want sound advice.

When it comes career paths, they show him linked to working in a sales related position. I do believe that he is good at his job because he tells you the truth. He would only deal with things that he knows/trusts, and people can see that in him.

When it comes to marriage I am seeing him closer to 28. They will have one girl and one boy of their own.

Let me know if you have any questions

Best Wishes


Now I don't put too much stock onto either of these readings, but I do find some interesting similarities. They both are telling me August and boy. August doesn't necessarily mean birth month, it can be conception month, or the month you find out in. If we do concieve this cycle, our conception month will be August. Or we could concieve in November, and be due in August. Only time will tell.

I did relate more to the Eternity Tarot Card reading, but I feel like she eluded to me having diffculties concieving and a difficult pregnancy which is a little scary. She also said that I'm having a boy (and another boy - THREE boys?!), and that this boy tried to come before but the time wasn't right. I miscarried my baby girl in February so that was confusing, but then I remembered that chemical pregnancy I had in June. Maybe..?

In any case, it was just for fun!


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katherinebee said...

You know I'm a huge sucker for these kinds of things. My Cheri 22 reading said March (please God no). I also talked to another psychic who said I would be pregnant by January 2011. That clearly didn't happen. I believe in people who are psychic, but I don't put all of my stock into those who advertise it. Regardless, they're fun! Cheri 22 specifically said I would have someone down by my hoo-ha videotaping, which would NEVER happen! Oh Cheri!

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