Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Weekend so far.

Our internet and TV have been out all weekend (ohmagah) so we've been trying to find other ways of amusing ourselves. Friday night we dusted off Yahtzee and gave it a go. Seriously, Yahtzee is so much fun.

Yesterday morning when I couldn't wake up with some coffee, news and catching up with blogs, I popped a DVD in to my laptop. I forgot I even owned DVD's, we download all of our movies from Apple TV or rent them through our cable provider. I used to live at Blockbuster and now I can't remember the last time I went into one. It's all a little actually. This instant gratification thing is becoming all too much for us as a society, but yet I want all those luxuries. Torn.

We went out to dinner last night on a whim with my parents, brother Alex, his friend Dylan, my sister Nichole and the newest guy she has been dating, Chad. We headed over to The Malibu Cafe at Calimigos Ranch. I haven't been to Calimigos in such a long time, and had not been to this restaurant before. Seriously, this place is amazing. You dine under the stars, surrounded by trees covered in hanging lights, and they have pool tables sitting in the grass. There is a lake with paddle boats, beautiful cabanas, all tucked away in a mini forest. I felt like I was in a fairy tale land as everything just seemed to sparkle. I'm already planning our next trip here, I would love to get friends together for a drink, some food, or just for some s'mores over the open campfires. This place felt...magical. Amy, I'm taking you here for some appetizers and s'mores, stat!

And we're spending today playing with face paints, hopefully a nice home cooked dinner, and True Blood. What's your Sunday routine?

Face painting (or body painting) fun! Thanks Grammie!

Yea, really, THANKS Grammie.

Sunday morning Starbucks run!


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