Friday, July 1, 2011

31 Day Photography Challenge!

I'm so excited to tell you about our 31 Day Photography Challenge my friend Lauren and I are doing! Lauren is an amazing photographer (and friend!) and you can check her out here:

We're planning on taking each of these shots a day, and then posting every five days or so (if life permits) to show what we've done.

I'll be back east for the first nine days (and traveling for two of them) so it should be pretty interesting.

Here's the challenge:

Feel free to use this graphic on your own blogs if you are up for the challenge!

And check out our adorable button below. Lauren designed both of these - I wish she could design my entire life because she is so talented and has such great taste in everything she does.

You can also grab our button over on the right hand side of my blog to use on your own blog.
If you do decide to participate in the challenge, comment and link me to your blog. Don't forget to check out Lauren's site as well.  Feel free to participate for some of the days, your favorite day, when you feel like, etc.

The best part is there are no rules! 

Watch out for the first of my posts on July 5th.

Happy Shooting!!