Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things I love Thursday

There are so many "things" that I find on a weekly basis that I just flat out love, and I want to start sharing them with you each week. I'll do my best to keep this up if I can. I hope you love these just as much as I do.

This week I love:

  • This post on Look at the Birds: Good Mom, Bad Mom. She has two daughters, the oldest being the exact same age as Carter (to the day I think). She was able to articulate exactly how I feel about never judging another parent again (although I did see a father yelling and then spanking his two kids outside of a wine store at 11am this past Sunday, and I did judge him). So let me re-phrase that, it takes a lot for me to judge another parent. Thanks for writing this!

  • These E Cards, found here.

  • This blog post from Kristen Duke Photography with pictures from the workshop I went to over the weekend. Here's a taste:

Can you see me? Bottom left corner. A lot of these women were bloggers too!

This adorable Mickey birthday inspiration picture.
I can't find the source for this, so if you know, let me know and I'll give them credit!

This article on why friends with kids don't have time.
 I'm not a stay at home mom, but I love this! Found here.

And my new favorite blog this week: Little Miss Momma. She is so flippin adorable,
and I've realized through reading her blog, she lives right down the street from where I work!
She also did a family photo session with Kristen Duke Photography last weekend when Kristen Duke was in town for her workshop. Small world!

Is there anything new this week that you've come across that you just LOVE?