Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless(ish) Wednesday

These are some of my favorite pictures taken in the last week.
I take too many pictures of my son, but he's kinda a big deal.

He LOVES being outdoors. This is Carter hiding in the neighbors bushes. 

I love the look on his face here.

It's virtually impossible to get a good picture of him. Lately we've been playing outdoors every night while I try and snap pictures of him, and he purposely will not look at the camera. It drives me crazy!
I have to trick him into looking up.

It seems that daily he is learning new words, and it amazes me at how much he actually comprehends. Every day when I pull into our garage after picking him up from daycare he puts his arms up and yells "HOOOMME!" I do that occasionally to be funny, and eventually he picked it up. You should see us in the car alone together, I'm also doing the goofiest, silliest voices and dance moves to get a rise out of him. No wonder he is such the goofball.

His new favorite thing is ice-cream. He makes squeezey hands towards to freezer everyday and says "ahcream! ahcream!" I die.