Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fibroids, Clomid and more, oh boy!

I met with my OB today for a routine follow-up. I told him about the cramping I had in between my period, and ovulation, and about the chemical pregnancy last cycle. I also told him about the general tenderness I've been feeling in my abdomen. After discussing, he asked me if I've ever had any fibroids. When I was pregnant with Carter during my big 18 week U/S I remember the tech telling me she saw some fibroids, but acted as if it was no biggie, and we never discussed it again. Fibroids can grow in size and cause fertility problems, but they can also do no harm. The good thing is he doesn't think I have endometriosis, but I have an ultrasound scheduled for next Thursday to check on these fibroid to make sure they are affecting my fertility. If they are, surgery would be the route to have them removed.

Today I'm 13 dpo. I should have a positive test result by now, and yesterday it was still negative. I also have all kinds of symptoms of my period arriving. Yayyy. He wanted to do a pregnancy test to be safe, and I obliged because we all know how much I love pregnancy tests, but I knew it would be negative. And whaddya know? Negative. The nurse said it with a sad face, LOL.

My doctor also asked me if I wanted to start Clomid. I'd like to have the U/S first to make sure fibroids aren't my problem before going on Clomid. I have so many symptoms of O each month that I am fairly confident I am actually ovulating. I haven't started OPK's yet this go around like I did with Carter, and I haven't temped at all either. This next cycle I'm arming myself with tons of Internet cheapie OPK & pregnancy tests, a new BBT thermometer, dust off my old fertility friend membership, and make sure all my bases are covered. If all else fails, we might re-visit his Clomid offer in a few months. We'll see. I know most doctor's wait a year to start, but I really don't want to waste anymore time if I can. However I'll do my research and make a decision later on. I hope I don't have to make that decision.

I am so thankful for Carter. After everything we've been going through, stories from friends, random bloggers, etc, I am so much more aware of what a little miracle having a baby actually is, and I am so lucky that he is here, healthy and happy. I don't take him for granted one minute. I love that little guy so incredibly much and he brings so much joy to my life and to those around me. Even when he's throwing a "I'm almost two tantrum."

Car-man and friends last night at "Ladies Night."

Speaking of Carter, can you believe he goes pee pee in the potty whenever I ask? For the past week, when we get home from work/daycare, I set him on his potty and ask him to go pee pee, and he does! It's amazing!! I'm either really lucky, or this is a total fluke. I'm going to continue this for a while, and in Sept. I'll spend one whole weekend putting him on the potty every hour or so and using big boy undies when not. I'd love to have him potty trained by two, which I know is very early for boys. But he is fascinated with the potty so we'll see.

Lastly, I'm tired of perpetually sad-people trying to make happy-people sad. I'm happy. You're sad. And you can't make me sad because I will always be happy. There!