Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New blogs I ♥

Before I get into the new blogs I'm digging, I wanted to share this with you. I'm a big Nicole Richie fan, and when she asked for mommy questions on Facebook the other week, I had to send one. On her official website she has a new feature called "Ask Kelly," where her close friend Kelly answers all sorts of mommy questions. To my surprise last night, my question was answered! You can read it here. My question was the last one. Obviously you know having a second child is not a question for me, but I wanted to know how she juggles having two and a full-time career.

Although I'm ecstatic at the thought of having another child (because let's face it, the first one was just a practice one anyway, sorry Carter). I was worried last time that I made a rash decision and should have waited longer before getting pregnant again. Well, that is something I know I will NOT regret this next time around. We are so ready for you little one so you can stop taking your time now, k? Thanks.

And that leads me into some new blog's I'm lovin.

A Little King and I: Shawntae is pregnant with #2, a girl, and her son is 19 month's old (and he is so flippin adorable). She wrote this post today about how she is terrified for #2 (even though she planned it), and is worried how it will affect her son. I felt the EXACT same way as she did when I was pregnant with Rose. But after losing the baby, I learned how much I really wanted it. And now that we've been struggling a bit here, I'm so worried I won't be able to do that. I really related to this post.

My Life In Transition: I just came across this blog the other day. It's amazing how many of my favorite blogs are linked to each other in some way. Julia also has a young son around Carter's age, and just suffered a loss at 10 weeks in May. The post that I am linking this to really struck a nerve within me and I really, really related to what she went through. I hope you read.

You wouldn't even make an omelette with stale eggs!: I found this blog last week
 and I can't stop checking it for updates! KC has been TTC for 3 years and just did IVF #3, and got her first ever BFP. She used donor eggs this cycle from her sister, and I am so excited for this complete stranger. It's such a great story. She is currently waiting on her first U/S, and I have a big feeling she has multiples in there as she has the highest beta's ever.

Drops of Motherhood: This is Jess's blog, she is a reader and a new friend! She sent me very kind messages and has started her own blog so check it out. She is also a momma to an adorable little boy - Hayden.

This one isn't exactly a new blog, but I'm doing a sponorship for the month of August on this blog and I'm really excited about it. The Paper Mama: I LOVE this blog. Like love, love. I love all Chelsey's photo challenges, and her sweet baby girl Ruari. She also read and commented on my blog the other day, and I got so excited. Haha. I might possibly do giveaway with her too to gain more interest and readers to my blog. And I like to make people happy. Yay!

Here are some links to blogs from my friends IRL (in real life). These are always on my google reader and I check them out daily:

Dandelion Paperweight: Amy is one of my closest friends and I think I'm her #1 fan.
Help, I'm Alive: My friend Ashley's new blog that I shared yesterday. ♥
Lauren West Photography: This is my friend Lauren's photography site. She is SO talented!
Bees and Bows: I went to high school with Katie and I love her taste.

I hope you enjoyed all my linky's today.

And I'll leave you with my new obsession, my red zebra toes! I will never get another regular pedicure again. I can't stop showing off my toes and I'm usually embarrassed about my fugly feet.

Aren't they do die for?


Julia said...

hey there! I just spent WAAAAAY too much time reading of your Rose posts. I am so, so sorry we've both had to go through this nightmare. Many of your sentences felt like I had written them. I teared up many times and even chuckled a bit, too (the elderly anesthesiologist?!?!). I hope that this next cycle is YOUR cycle and that your healing both physically and emotionally is going well. Hugs to you!

Amy said...

thanks for the link love!

Michelle said...

Thanks Julia for stopping by! I felt the same way when reading your blog. Sending love your way. Xoxo. Michelle

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for mentioning me! :) & btw I am excited you are using your non auto setting on your camera. I <3 your pictures.