Sunday, July 31, 2011


I was determined to have a relaxing weekend as I have a problem with doing too much. And so far, it's been very relaxing. Here's my Saturday broken down in words and pictures.

I started off making breakfast for the family.

Roxanne telling me about her Friday night adventures while I cook.

After breakfast, my mom stopped by to get her "Carter fix."


Later, Andy went to the movies with my parents while Carter and I ran errands. I had to pick up some essentials at CVS so I took Carter (while he napped) and I felt like a crazy coupon lady. I had a 25% off everything coupon good for the 30th only, and two $5 off coupons, I ended up buying $90 worth of stuff for $50! Yay! I'm usually bad about coupons, but that felt pretty good. I need to work on that!

We returned home and I put on a movie and made us some lunch. After Andy returned, I went upstairs and tried to nap, but it wasn't possible. I was really tired but only because I hadn't done much (already this was the laziest day I've had in months, and this would probably be considered a busy day to others!)

We wanted to do something fun for dinner, and Andy suggested we drive to Malibu.  It was a little late at that point so I rushed to get ready because I knew I wanted to get some pictures in before the sun went down. I think the sun is at its prettiest right before it goes down when it's low enough to get some gorgeous sun flare pictures. And it was.

My mom and Roxanne also came, and we ended up at the Sunset Restaurant overlooking the beach where Andy proposed to me. It was just lovely.

I'm really happy with how the pictures turned out. Andy took the pictures of Carter and I, I set the settings how I wanted, found the perfect spot, and handed my camera off to Andy. Love them!

We tried to get my mom to take one of the three of us.. this was the best one.
Oh well...

My mom did manage to get a good one of the two of us.

Dinner was good, yummy food, but the service was crappy (there's nothing worse than an arrogant waiter who is rude and argues with you).

But overall, it was another beautiful Saturday. I'm truly blessed.


Ashley Miller said...

Love the couponing action!!!!!! I started getting obsessed with couponing and now I have missed two consecutive sunday papers and I havent bothered with them in weeks! So typical.