Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photography Challenge! Days 6-10

Sorry I'm two days late on posting these, I'm still trying to get all situated after our vacation. I have to admit I'm pretty embarrassed about this batch of pictures. These were supposed to be taken the last few days of my vacation and I was pretty overwhelmed so there isn't much thought in these at all. But I'm trying harder now - promise!!

Day 6: Something Old

 These tires looked old and rusty to me - score!

Day 7: From a low angle

Looking up a tree in Mass.

Day 8: From a high angle

This one was a total fail on my part so I quickly took a pic of my leg, oops.

Day 9: Sunset

Another fail, I totally missed the sunset that day so I snapped the remainder of it from the car as Andy was driving from dinner one night in MA. Would have been pretty though if I had actually caught it. 

Day 10: Movement

Not the best, but again I was pressed for time. :( On this actual day I wasn't able to take any pictures so I had to use one I already took.

I will totally try harder! But at least I'm having a fun time with the project.


Lauren said...

I was late posting mine, too! Love the old tires and your low angle" shot is great! You're not failing at all! Just keep at it ;)