Friday, July 15, 2011

No Heat Hair Curl thingamabob

I wanted to try this no heat hair curl thing that's been rounding the blogger circuit this week. I have naturally thin, dry, brittle wavy hair - but not the cute type wavy that everyone has been sporting. When I want to look my best I blow dry and curl my hair, which takes a ton of time. I saw this post on The Paper Mama, and then again on A Little King and I, and I had to try it too!! I thought I'd share my results:

The night before...

And this morning ...

My thoughts? I think I love it. It's not the most perfect curl, but it is just so dang easy that you can't help but to love this. And I also like that I'm not damaging my already damaged hair (years of dyeing, and straightening). I stopped dyeing my hair in September completely, but I caved in May and had some highlights put in to blend because my roots were uber dark (and I was in my friends wedding so I felt bad ruining the pictures). My goal is to try and dye my hair less than twice a year, and see if it goes back to being super healthy like it was when I was younger.  I have a feeling I won't be able to keep up the no dye thing for very long, I'm already going grey at 28 thanks to genes my dad blessed me with. Yikes!

If you want to try this no heat hair curl thing, watch the YouTube tutorial below.

Plus I think this girl is just so adorable. I want to know more about her. I'm sure you'll agree.

If you do it, let me know or link me to your blog post showing us your results. I would love to see! I'm curious how it works for everyone else.

It's only my first time trying and I'm sure I can perfect this in the future. Thanks to the adorable lady for inventing this!

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Thank you so much and have a beautiful day people!


Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

You look great!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try it tonight!

Brynn H. said...

Definitely want to try this!

Lauren said...

I tried it, too!! Your hair turned out MUCH better, though! Haha mine didn't stay tucked in overnight, and when I tried it the next day I only had it in for an hour and it looked just ok. Gotta practice! ;)

Michelle said...

Try it Brynn!!! And Lauren, I think you should give it another chance!!