Sunday, July 17, 2011


This is how my weekend went:

Woke up bright and early
Ate breakfast at one of our favorite breakfast places
Did some window shopping for furniture and browsed Bed Bath & Beyond
Went home so Carter could nap
Picked up sandwiches from a new Italian Deli for lunch
Brought them to our favorite park and ate lunch with my parents
Let Carter run around the splash zone area and the playground
Momma and I went out for mani / pedi's and then grocery shopped for dinner
I made BBQ, homemade macaroni & cheese, and roasted broccoli for dinner at my parents house
Ate and then watched Lincoln Lawyer with the fam + Roxanne
Home around 11pm

Up bright and early
Watched 'The Informant' in bed with the hubby
Went to a ladies brunch with some good friends + Carter
Home while Carter napped
Tried out a new park to get pictures of Carter for his 2nd birthday invites
Mom stopped by and we all relaxed under a tree while Carter played
Ordered take-out on the way home, and let Carter pick-out a new book at Barnes and Noble
Ate dinner and watched TRUE BLOOD
Uploaded pictures from the weekend and did some editing
Now blogging

I am looking forward to a photography workshop that I'm going to next Saturday!

I'm also ready for this next cycle - I'm bringing the big guns. I've got my BBT thermometer on my bedside table, a ton of cheapie ovulation predictor tests, and a stash of HPT's. It's a nice thought to think that IF we do catch that egg next cycle, I'm only 10ish days or so away from being pregnant again. That thought keeps me sane. What bums me out is that most of the women I knew that were pregnant when I was pregnant with Carter have had or are having their second child already. A few of them due next month when I was due. I know that I should be happy and grateful that I have at least one child (I totally am), but it's REALLY hard not be able to give Carter a sibling, and watch all these women around have a second child (some of who had their first a while after I did). I'm trying to not compare myself to anyone else. This is my family.

Sorry for my depressing rant. Here are some pictures from our weekend!


amy@agoodlife said...

sorry you're having a rough time... we're months away from TTC & i'm already nervous it won't happen right away. it took us 2 years to conceive with parker & i'm not ready to go through that again!

Nancy StylenDecorDeals said...

Carter is adorable!!
I'm a new follower from the blog hop! Following on GFC!
Hope you'll hop by and visit my blog too!
Have a great week!
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