Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chart Stalking

I'm on CD 6. Armed with my Wondfo OPK's & HPT's, I am so ready for ya! I loooorve the Wondo HPT's so I hope the OPK's work just as good. I've heard a lot of women swear by them. I decided to start using my OPK's tomorrow at CD 7 as that's when most sites recommend. I'll use it from CD7 onward until I get my positive, which I should get CD 12-13.

This is all assuming my ultrasound tomorrow goes well. Please cross your fingers that the doctor won't find any reason to operate, or see anything that would affect my fertility.

Does anyone else look up their possible due date each cycle that they are TTC based on their LMP? I do. But for fear of "jinxing" anything I'll keep that one to myself.

Any chart stalkers out there? You can stalk mine here: My Chart. I'm still doing the free version of FF but toying with paying for a VIP. Is it worth it? Anyone?


Lauren said...

I had a VIP membership on FF and am very happy I did! I charted for a couple months and then moved over to the pregnancy side where I got so much support & info from my due date group. We're all now in a private group on FB :) Anyway, I got some VIP special for $10 for an entire year--maybe wait a bit and see of they offer a special again! Fingers crossed for you!

Michelle said...

Ooh, $10 for a whole year? That's awesome! Right now they are offering $45 for a year which is still a discount since it normally runs over $100. I've always loved the iVillage due date groups, but I'm sure I'll love the FF ones as well. I think I'll do it! :)